Horse Racing Systems

During our time online (and before), we've looked in-depth at hundreds, if not thousands of betting systems.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of systems and services aren't worth either the paper they're written or the cyberspace bandwidth they occupy.

However, in recent years, we've reviewed a few that have gone on to make decent profits.
So, if you're interested in getting started with a horse racing or betting system right away, then take a good luck at this handful of top systems here.

Alternatively, our top advice is to re-visit the site on a regular basis and track the horse racing system live trials which are carried out daily on the blog.

So, here is a selection of recommended Betting Systems to follow:

Betting Pro Lays

Betting Pro Lays is one of the best and easiest services I’ve reviewed. That's a direct quote from our reviewer Iain MacMillan who reviewed the service during December and January 2012/3. During the two months Iain followed the service, it made 21.45pts profit and in the last six months a further 48.30pts has been accrued.

Betting Pro Lays advise low liability lays (no lays above 5.0) and the above figures of £697.50 profit from £10 level stakes in eight months can be increased by a 5% of bank staking plan, as advised by the service providers.

Betting Pro Lays costs £6.99 per week and your weekly fee is refunded in the event that no profit is made over the 7-day period.

Iain's full review is right here.


Pro Bet Alliance

We reviewed Pro Bet Alliance on our sister review site Online Racing Review for a period of 60 betting days. This service isn't a "bet for the sake of it" operation and will only advice bets when they're confident of making money.

To that end, it took 4 months to get 60 days worth of bets from Pro Bet Alliance, but the selections were so good that we showed a profit of over £780 at £10 per point staked.

Those figures were to the end of May 2013 and in the following eight weeks Pro Bet Alliance added another 38.1pts profit bringing the tally for 2013 to 140.45pts or £1404.50 to a £10 per point stake.

The full breakdown of the selections we received for the review can be seen right here.


Racing Profit Booster

Racing Profit Booster was another one we reviewed over at Online Racing Review and this is a little different from the usual tipster services. It is actually a piece of software designed and written to take advantage of the Back/Lay arbitrage opportunities that exist between traditional bookmakers and the layers on Betfair.

Racing Profit Booster scans the markets and highlights the opportunities it provides.  It does NOT place the bet for you, but it does point to which bookmaker(s) to use, what prices to take and the stakes.

Our reviewer David Sutton really liked it and the risk-free £1535 generated over the two-month review meant that we liked Racing Profit Booster too!

Why not take a look at David's review?


We're also happy to recommend a couple that we reviewed over at Online Betting Exposed.

First up is a very successful tipping service whose main focus is All-Weather racing, known simply as PAWS.


We reviewed PAWS over a nine-week period and even at stakes of £10 a point, were astounded to see profits of over £1700 in that time.

All the selections are sent out daily and are also published on a private, password-protected members site and this service is not only successful, but is also very reasonably priced too.

A subscription to PAWS (plus its associated bonus services) costs less than £1.30 per day at £39.99 per month.

Here's what our reviewer Phil said about PAWS: ...what a review it turned out to be with plenty of winners and short losing runs which gives punters  a great feeling of insurance and confidence when placing these horse bets.This service has to be up there with the best horse racing services and is surely the best All Weather service at the present time.

Click here for Phil's full version of events.


We also enjoyed reviewing a successful lay service on OBE in the guise of ...

Easy Lays

Easy Lays was reviewed by one of our senior reviewers during April and May of 2013, two notoriously difficult months for tipping services, but Easy Lays came out with their head held high on the back of a 28.6pts profit.

The premise here is very simple: an email comes to you everyday from the reliable Betfan company, who offer a money back guarantee and you simply lay the horses they suggest, provided none run at odds of above 6.0. This is obviously designed to reduce the liabilities associated with laying. Peter Colledge reviewed this for us and he said that he would...heartily recommend Chris and Theo’s Easy Lays system.

Rather than take my word for it, read Peter's verdict for yourself.


So there you have it. A small selection of approved services, all from reputable providers with excellent customer service skills and money back guarantees are in place, in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction.

However, if you try them and you are happy with them, please tell them we sent you! 🙂

Matt, Chris & the Geegeez review team.

PS We will, of course, be updating this page, whenever we find something we like!