Horse Racing Systems

The pages in this section are almost all dedicated to horse racing systems. Here you will find information on my favourite racing systems; reviews of betting systems, and reviews of laying systems; a few non-horse racing systems; and those systems that you should avoid!

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Best Horse Racing Systems

These are my pick of the pile: the horse racing systems that have performed impressively in trials, offer value for money, and come with either a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

Horse Betting Systems

These systems are all backing systems (i.e. when you wager a horse to win). There is the full spectrum from great to terrible here. Find out which are which by clicking the link above.

Horse Laying Systems

As with the betting systems above, there are good, bad and ugly in here, except this time all of these laying systems provide opportunities to oppose a horse (i.e. wager a horse to lose).

Other Betting Systems

On this page, you'll find some betting systems that apply to other sports or just general gambling. Either way, there are no horse racing systems here, but all of the content relates to betting - perhaps on football, or poker or black jack.

Worst Horse Racing Systems

This page contains my Hall of Shame. These are the worst racing systems I've come across since I started reviewing. The list is not exhaustive, but if you were thinking about buying one of these, I would definitely seek a second opinion...!

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