£1.6m Chester Placepot pays handsome dividend

Were you on?

Were you on?

Hello again everyone. I’m back from a month in the country, though I wasn’t reading Turgenev and resuming the (nearly) daily news service.

Did you win a share in the amazing Chester toteplacepot on Saturday? If you did, you did rather well, and we’d like to hear from you. We know you won’t have placed your bet at the course, as you can’t play the Tote there any more, since Chester introduced its own ChesterBet last year. Where were you? Could you believe the payout?

The pool for the Placepot had reached £1,587,948.80 by the time of the first race. Compare that with the same meeting last year, when it was £48,381.18. There was a huge difference in payout, too, with punters picking up £6,671.60 for a £1 stake, against £272.30 a year ago.

There were just 173.75 winning units. It’s perhaps a little surprising that there were not more, as four favourites made the frame. In the other two races there were two horses placed at 13/2 in a race with three 5/1 co-favourites, and an 8/1 fourth favourite the shortest placed horse in the other race.

Why was the pool so huge? Nobody seems exactly clear at the moment, with Tote owners Betfred saying no more than that there has been a substantial amount of overseas money placed, and that they were carrying out further investigations. One theory floated in the Racing Post was that someone from the Far East had placed a bet at £12,000 a line when they intended £120. It’s to be hoped he got some of his money back, as that’s rather an expensive mistake to make.

I think that Geegeez readers’ investments would generally be somewhat lower than that. Did anyone have a 10p line winner and pocket £667.16? Did you use the Daily Stat Pack to help with your selections? That pointed up five of the 18 placed horses you needed, with leading course trainers Mark Johnston, Richard Fahey and Tom Dascombe all contributing. Well done if you did. If I’d been around on Saturday and spotted the size of the pool I’d have had a go myself.

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    Simon Van Zyl says:

    What is happening with the Tote? How do we know which pools are co-mingled with foreign ones? Why don’t Betfred advertise their product better, give us more info and publicise bets like Swingers which are new to British punters and well worth playing in big races. Look at the dividends in the Cambridgeshire.

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    Debbie says:

    As you say, Ian, it was not possible for anyone at the course to have had a go at the Placepot. Pity. I used to be a member at Chester and we always used to have a go at the Placepot…… Still feel that ChesterBet was a sad mistake so far as the punter was concerned.

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    colin p says:

    have betfred been in contact with the the punter or how come the bet was not picked up when placed and the punter contated stright away… And what makes me lol is the reading above says I HOPE THE PUNTER GOT SOME MONEY BACK, how can he when it says the winning units where 173.35 winning tickets and he or she had £12,000 per line… This was bad on the bookmakers part imo…

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