1000 Point Per Year System Day 17 Update / Day 18 Selections

Day 17 Results – 17th March 2010

A winner and a non-runner provide us with a small profit on the day.

Southwell 17.05 - Won (1/2F) and a Non-runner

Profit on the day = 0.5 points @ £10.00 per point = £5.00

Accumulated (Loss) = - 24.844 points @ £10.00 per point = - £248.44


Day 18 Selections - 18th March 2010

Selections today:

Hexham 16.55

Southwell 15.05

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Happy punting.


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3 replies
  1. hugh mcleish says:

    Hi there can i ask the source of the selections as i am seeing this being trialed on another site and they have a few more selections 2 more selections for southwell as well as selections for kempton which apparently come from the telephone line.

  2. John says:

    Hi Hugh,

    As the reviewer of the system I can confirm the source of the selections as per the specified criteria in the supplied system manual.

    In response to your particular comments on Southwell, the manual identifies only 1 trainer for particular race types. As for Kempton there are no criteria specified for Kempton AW meetings but there are for Kempton NH meetings. The Kempton meeting on the 17th was an AW meeting so no qualifiers.

    Whilst I can make mistakes I am very confident that the selections I have identified since the start of the Review are accurate and based 100% on the instructions within the supplied system manual.



  3. John says:

    Hi Hugh,

    Just checked the other site undertaking the review and there appears, at times, to be significant disparities in the selections they are identifying and those identified in my review. I am following the manual yet what follows are a couple of the significant disparities I have noted:

    1). There were 11 selections (including 1 non-runner) on 10/03 yet the other review site had no selections listed for that day.

    2). On the 13/03 at Ayr there is only 1 qualifying trainer in specified race types. Following the rules in the manual there were 2 qualifiers, both lost. The other review site identified 6 qualifiers, 4 of these “qualifiers” (including a 20/1 winner) were not qualifiers according to the system manual.



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