1000 Point Per Year System Overview / Day 1 Selections


The “1000 Point Per Year” system is a horse betting system that is suitable for beginners. It is very easy to use with the focus on specified Trainers and Jockeys at specified courses. It does not take very long to identify selections using the provided tables in association with your favourite newspaper, Racing Post or Sporting Life Online. The system can be used for Flat (AW & Turf) and NH racing at UK tracks only.

System Claims

It is claimed that the system has generated over £357,000 profit in three years to £100 level stakes at SP and with a strike rate of around 30%.  "Note: - even greater profits can be made betting to early prices or Betfair SP".

There are cumulative tables at the back of the document for the specified trainers, courses and jockeys for 2007 - 2009 which allows you to look at the points won/lost. Individual selections and prices are not identified.


1277.67 points profit = £127,767 at £100 point level stakes.


1224.41 points profit = £122,441 at £100 point level stakes.


1073.20 points profit = £107,320 at £100 point level stakes.

Note: taking a closer look at the annual figures there is a very noticeable downwards annual profit trend for NH racing. This can be seen as follows:


NH = 943.78 points profit; Flat = 333.89 points profit.


Your first 30 days for just £1

NH = 612.90 points profit; Flat = 611.51 points profit.


NH = 399.37 points profit; Flat = 673.83 points profit.

The System

The system arrives as a 14 page document and costs £95.00 which appears to be the standard Sportsworld Publishing price.  The system also comes with 3 months access to a tipping line to help you confirm that you are making the correct selections. The author (Mark Layton) is a recent winner of the Racing Investors Club System Tipping Competition.

Selection Method

1). Follow the specified criteria using race card information in your favourite newspaper or Online.
2). Bets can be placed at any time and there are no minimum/maximum odds boundaries.
3). All bets are to level stakes only.

As a consequence of the specified selection criteria there are unlikely to be bets every day and/or occasions when there may be multiple selections in a single race.

Starting Bank

None specified.


Are quoted as straight one point level stakes; note: the price obtained for any particular horse could vary markedly for individuals who follow this system (guaranteed odds taken, Betfair etc). For the purpose of this review I will stake to one point equalling £10 and calculate any winnings to published SP.

The Review Period

Initially the review will run from the 1st - 31st March 2010.

Day 1 Selections – 1st March 2010

Note: as the “system” could easily be identified by naming the selections I will only identify the course and race time when there are potential qualifiers.

Two selections today:

Hereford 15.00

Plumpton 15.20

Check out the 1000 Point Per Year system here.

Happy punting.


Your first 30 days for just £1