Horse Betting Systems

Sound sense when looking for a racing system online... courtesy of The Secret Betting Club.

*****The questions to ask any tipster/ system that wants your business******

To help assist you with this we have put together some guideline questions that we apply to all services that come across our radar and we suggest you use these guidelines to help inform yourself as well. They form a brief list with some of the key questions we look for and put to a new service or system that comes across our path. If you recieve an email out of the blue about a betting product or service we suggest you pose these questions to the vendor's as your first port of call.

From the answers given we can get an insight into each service very quickly and instantly form a greater understanding of how useful their product is. Feel free to mention these are the guidelines of our service here and to forward on any answers you receive to us. We will continue our in-depth research on each service and with your help we can really dig very deep to root out the bad apples.

The betting advice industry is without regulation and this helps to provide a standard list of acceptable guidelines. There is no simply no excuse these days for a service to not proof or to be unable to back-up claims of profit made.


1) Does your service have a live website and how regularly is it updated?
2) How long has your service been in operation?
3) Is there a full breakdown of your results available either online or via email?
4) How much results data is available?
5) Are your results proofed?
6) If results are proofed, whom are they proofed to and does the proofing service have a transparent copy of detailed performance for me to view?
7) If results are not proofed, why is this and why should I believe the results being claimed as accurate?
8) What odds are your results calculated to?
9) If your betting advice is to be placed on Betfair, what level of Betfair commission do you deduct from winnings?

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