20 Years On: Announcement Two of Four…

In a fortnight of revelations and announcements, dear reader, it's time for me to share my second piece of news with you. And it coincides with the 20th anniversary of all weather racing. It's hard to believe that it is two full decades since Lingfield opened its gates for racing on a new artificial surface called Equitrack, way back on 30th October 1989.

Cast your minds back for a moment to those dark(ish) days... Dear Maggie (bless her!) was still on the throne Prime Minister; Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers were at number one with the all-time classic "That's What I Like" (who? what?!); and Arsenal were league champions after that amazing day at Anfield some five months previous.

Yep, it's been a long old time since that first meeting kicked off a monumental TWELVE race card at 11am, with Niklas Angel taking the spoils for Conrad Allen and Richard Quinn.

Proceedings were rounded out at 4.30 with Division FIVE (!) of the claiming contest being won by a chap called Lanfranco Dettori on Hackworth.

In the intervening twenty years, there have been some remarkable developments. All weather racing has worked extremely hard to earn its reputation and credibility from the traditionalists and nay-sayers of the flat turf / flat earth society.

Some of the interesting facets of all weather racing have been:

- All weather hurdles races - they knackered many a mule, and were eventually withdrawn on veterinary advice. But, in their brief time, they produced some incredible multiple winners such as Suluk, whose hurdles form figures were


- New courses come (and gone!) - to the original trio of Lingfield, Southwell and Wolverhampton, was added the name of Great Leighs. Despite the delays and the rhetoric of gusto from owner John Holmes, Great Leighs opened and closed within a few short months. Based on my trip there on its first day of racing on 20th April 2008, it was never ready for punters, even though the surface was fine for the horses.

Kempton on the other hand has attracted a lot of the bigger name stables from the get go. Despite this slightly higher quality fare, attendances have dropped to one man and his dog on many evening meetings, and some consideration needs to be given to how to bolster these figures (hint: do NOT have a band playing while a race is being run!).

- Some above average horses on all weather tracks have gone on to be excellent money-spinners in the States - Hail The Chief, a former winner of a Class 5 handicap at Lingfield in November 2000, won £205,479.45 for his victory in the Hawthorne Gold Cup on 18th May 2002. Having his last run in the States in February 2003 before returning to the UK, what an absolute stand out bet he was when he appeared in a Class 3 handicap at Wolverhampton in January '04.

Sent off a ridiculous 11/2 on his first all weather run back, he hacked up by four lengths. He might have been a 2/11 shot that day, such was his superiority on form over his rivals.


I have to say that I'm a big fan of all weather racing. It's sheer consistency narrows down the number of variables to consider to a far more manageable number. They never move the running rails, the going is almost always 'standard'; horses generally have a defined liking or disliking for the respective surfaces.

And those who take their time to master the subtle nuances, such as the variances in the surfaces between the courses, and the impact of the draw, and pace, have a huge advantage. Which brings me onto my announcement...

Your first 30 days for just £1

You may remember a while back I mentioned a chap by the name of Steve, who was one of my 'students'. By student, I mean he was keen to take his excellent and highly profitable information and share it with a few other lucky punters. Steve spends about eight hours a day poring over the form, and - I hope he won't mind me saying - is a bit of an anorak (sorry Steve!)

He asked me to help him to launch his service, and at first I declined. As you might imagine, I get many such requests every week from people keen to get started.

But Steve was different from most of the others, and he knew how to press my hot buttons. Basically, he sent me a spreadsheet with stacks of data on it - just the sort of thing I love! - and I could see that his approach was both novel and successful.

Steve is a 'dutcher'. For those of you who aren't familiar with dutching, it is the practice of backing more than one horse in a race. Using this principle enables Steve to keep losing runs to a minimum and still back value odds horses further down the betting markets.

His results have been impressive - whilst tipping to me on a daily basis, he showed a handsome profit over a six week period. In fact, I was sufficiently impressed to do something I VERY rarely do, and that was allow him to print a testimonial on his sales page from me. It reads:


[To clarify: during the time Steve proofed to me (over a six week period in the Summer), the ROI was 22.2%. Over the course of the last ten months, the ROI stands at a still excellent rate of 13.9%]

Like I say, this is a real rarity for me. Partly because I just don't do this, and partly because there are so few services of merit out there.

But Flat Racing Select (Steve's catchy title!) is excellent. He'll send you an email each day - probably in the middle of the night, such is his penchant for almost literally burning the midnight oil - telling which horses to back and in which races. And that's it! You get the email, you back the horses. Simple.

What's more, as Steve provides his service through Clickbank, you're covered by their 60 day money back guarantee. This means you can dry run or paper trade Steve's info for a bit and see if it's for you. If it is, great. If not, you get your shekels back. No argument, no sweat.

And, if you're thinking about maybe starting your own similar venture, you really should take a look at Steve's sale page here: it's a very good, no-nonsense example of how to present an offer without any of the hyperbole that usually appears on such pages.

In fact, you should take a look at it anyway - I like his story, and I think you will too.

His service starts on Monday, and there's only 100 slots available. He's going to sell out, I expect, as he has a few other 'big names' helping him promote it (and they're names who don't normally do this kind of thing - more testimony to the legitimacy of Steve's offering).

If you bet on the all weather over the winter, I suggest you give this strong consideration.


Now then, Thursday is fun day, so let's see what I can find in the archives for your entertainment this week. (By the way, if you've any personal favourites, do leave a comment and I'll try to track them down).

This week, another favourite of mine (very self-indulgent, I know), Yes, Minister.

That's it for today - keep your eyes peeled for my next announcement, most likely on Monday (and that's one you definitely don't want to miss, I promise. Hint: top drawer free horse racing tools).

And in the meantime, go check out Steve's story here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. MIKE FARRELL says:

    Dear Matt,

    Why do you quote a ROI of 22.2% when Steve’s actual figures for 10 months show a cumulative 13.9%?

    Would you agree that this is misleading?



    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Mike
      It certainly wasn’t my intention to mislead. Let me clarify: during the time Steve proofed to me (over a six week period in the Summer), the ROI was 22.2%.
      I have added this to the post above for the avoidance of confusion. 13.9% is still excellent, no?
      Thanks for bringing this up.

  2. bob marsden says:

    hi matt just read the 20 year on ——- happy times mondays and fridays at southwell and a horse you just mentioned suluk owned by our gang of merry lads and lasses we got through honestly hundreds of bottles of lansons champers……. paid for by the generous southwell bookies ——oh happy days…. memories you never forget and friends not around anymore…. thanks matt ..yours in sport bob marsden

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You were exceptionally lucky to have a slice of Suluk, Bob! He was a true star of the equine working class. Loved him, China Castle, Hail The Chief, Marengo, and my own Love’s Design.

      There have been some brilliant prolific AW horses – anyone remember any others?

  3. Ollie says:

    I am interested in this system but I have to say the blurb on the website raises a few alarm bells:

    – no detailed results
    – no details of who the selections have been proofed to
    – no details of staking plans, strike rates, min/ max odds, betfair commission
    – suppposedly only 150 places yet there is a large affiliate page
    – big emphasis on clickbank on the marketing blurb (this should be a given for any service)
    – “I am not a marketer” usually means the exact opposite

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ollie,
      Sorry you are hearing alarm bells regarding Steve’s service. Let me do what I can to elaborate, but of course you will find Steve’s contact details on the website, so could contact him directly on the matter.
      – No detailed results – the ‘past results’ link at the bottom of the page gives a summary. Again, if you want chapter and verse, please contact Steve direct. He will be happy to share this with you, I’m sure
      – The selections have been proofed to me as mentioned in my post. This is more than most service providers ever offer(!)
      – Staking plan info will be provided to subscribers (i.e. how to dutch, etc), strike rate is stated as 13.9%, min/max odds are circa 2/1 to any price, betfair commission is accounted for
      – Steve tells me there are 150 places. I have no reason to believe he is not telling the truth.
      – re Clickbank, most systems are NOT sold through Clickbank, so this IS a selling point – it’s far from a given, Ollie!
      – Believe me, I have helped Steve with his page. He is definitely, definitely NOT a marketer! 😉

      Hope this helps. Bottom line, drop Steve an email and he’ll fill you in with all you want to know. He’s a good guy.


  4. bob marsden says:

    hi matt china castle ran in a claimer in 1996 aged three j fortune rode him i thought he was a cert but for the three r;s who owned dacing cavalier trained by a great pal reg hollingshead fancied their horse something of a good thing anyway i still backed china castle at half my original stake yes you guessed it he won in a canter …great memories mark polglase trainer of marengo david chapman also trained a prolific winner at southwell which for the life of me the name escapes me patrick haslem ..these trianers plus old reg and tom baron they all made me a good many winning days at my favorite course thanks matt for stirring these names up for me yours in sport bobm

  5. Steve says:

    Hi Ollie,

    I think Matt has covered most of the points,especially regarding ClickBank and my marketing ability, but I’d just like to add that the results are from my own analysis up to period 7 on the chart. July (period 8 on the chart) is when I began proofing to Matt.

    The overall strike rate is approximately 14% of selections winning 36% of races.

    I can assure you that when I’ve sold 150 spots I will definitely be closing the doors. If I sell too many subscriptions the odds may well suffer and not only will the service fail to make a profit for subscribers – I will lose as well.

    I can’t guarantee winnings but I do guarantee that I will only be giving selections that I back myself.

    If you would like some further info please email me and I’ll be more than happy to help.


    Steve – Flat Racing Select

  6. Ollie says:

    Matt/ Steve

    Thanks for the swift response, I think you have answered my concerns and the alarm bells have definitely quietened. Personally I do not view clickbank as a big selling feature – yes you can recover the cost of the system but you cannot recover the money you will have inevitably lost in following the service/system. I would rather purchase a good service/system outside of clickbank than a bad service via clickbank.


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