Victoria Cup Preview

2014 Victoria Cup Preview and Tips

2014 Victoria Cup Preview and Tips

In this video preview, I use the profiling, pace and form filter tools - amongst others - to isolate some value in the Victoria Cup, a seven furlong, 29 runner, handicap run at Ascot on Saturday.

If you don't already have these tools in your corner, watch the video to see how simple they are to use, and what they can add to your form study... and then click the link below to get a free 10 day trial.

You can see more on pace analysis, and how to use it to your advantage, in this post.

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19 replies
  1. Johnners77 says:

    Thanks Matt – this is a fascinating and concise exemplar of how brilliant the Geegeez RAR Racecards are. I’ve had an each way nibble on Heaven’s Guest so we’ll see how your analysis pans out. I quite like Purcell too and can’t resist a bit e/w on an old favourite….Bertiewhittle. Good luck tomorrow! Mark J

  2. chrismac says:

    Hi Matt, enjoyable video, i notice that the going has changed from your video which was based on good to soft to good going. this of course changes a lot of the tabs data on the race card.
    now unfortunately the good going selection is fixed and cannot be changed unless at your end.
    Would it be possible to make it changeable on the race card as conditions can and do change throughout the day, depending on the weather.
    I know that i can change it on the RAR but not on the race card.

  3. chrismac says:

    just on that going issue, i notice the RP reporter is stating a going change on the straight course to good to soft after 3mm of rain overnight.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      The going is good to soft, as you say. In terms of changing the going on the racecard itself, I’m unclear of the value of that. Aside from the RAR, the only other place it would be material is the Full Form Filter. That’s something we’re looking into now.


  4. chrismac says:

    haha your right Matt, it is the form filter i meant, racing ahead of myself there. great to know you are looking into it.

  5. DAVE says:

    Hi Matt, you’ve come a long way since the early days. Your facility looks superb, better than trying to find a vantage point in the bookies to catch The Sporting Life!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Dave – still moving forwards, hopefully, and I especially value the likes of yourself, who have been with me since pretty much the outset.


  6. bigvern63 says:

    Superb Matt – not made proper use of the race cards, especially the pace analysis, but this was invaluable.

    Thanks, Chris

  7. Nattyp12 says:

    Well, you persuaded me. I do think Heaven’s Guest has too much weight, but it has been done before. I am big fan of trainer form so Georgian Bay has a shot. But overall I was impressed by all the tools the racecard has to offer, so I am joing as GOLD member Ta very much and Good Luck

  8. Barry says:

    I have no interest in English racing but thought this was a terrific exposition. Don’t Think I have ever heard “grist for the mill of his chances” used in a form discussion in nearly 50 years of punting. Bloody glad that I finally did. Cheers Matt.

  9. Mike Crowther says:

    Excellent video – very informative. I am not a gold member as due to work I do not have time midweek to make best use of the full functions. However on some weekends and on days I go racing they would be brilliant . Have you considered ( it it was possible) doing one day passes as a gold member (£5?) which could be purchased when people like me can spend the time making best use if them? Just a thought . Thanks again Matt always find your thoughts interesting.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Very good idea, Mike. I’ll certainly give that some thought. Thanks for the suggestion.


  10. Brian Heselden says:

    You persuaded me too! Very useful teaching video showing how to use all the features. On the head to head, would it be possible in the future to include a column showing the implications of the previous meetings of the 2 horses as a +/- figure for the difference in pounds implied by each meeting, relative to todays race conditions?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Brian

      That’s a really interesting idea. I’ll ask my guys how easy/difficult it would be to incorporate. Thanks for the idea.


  11. RonCombo says:

    Great vid Matt, extremely interesting. And a brave chap to pick a race like that for this sort of exercise! OK, so Heaven’s Guest wasn’t in the first ten but Loving Spirit? Almost last. Would have been a decent lay.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Heaven’s Guest was disappointing, Arthur, for sure. Not as much as Loving Spirit, though, as you say. He was drawn on the wrong side and, anyway, nowhere good enough today.

      Pace would have at least steered punters towards the middle to high numbers. The winner had a most compelling profile on the Race Analysis Report, and I’m still not sure what the actual ground conditions were out there…!


  12. Mick Taylor says:

    That was really interesting Matt, you must have some exceptional guys in your team to develop software like that. I don’t like commenting after the race has run because unlike you I know Heaven’ s Guest was well beaten but there was a glaring reason why it was beaten but I will stick my neck on the chopping block and say that Heavens Guest will not win again this season. The reason is down to weight. I operate in 3 year cycles and any handicapper that takes the micky out of the official handicapper like Heaven’s Guest did in 2013 is going to pay the price in 2014 and although the handicapper gets it wrong occasionally, he nearly always catches up and gets it right in the end, and in Heavens Guest’s case he has locked him in the cupboard and put the side board and the double bed in the way aswell so there’s no way he’s coming out. It’s not very often handicappers have two good seasons on the bounce, they either go on to better company away from handicapping or pale into insignificance. Whilst your software highlights the similarities in the runs and wins of Heavens Guest it didn’t tell you that the horse had a seriously hard season the year before and was clearly in the grip of the handicapper. At the moment the figures show the horse is not in form, and it won’t ever get back in form until it has come down the ratings. This is why I love handicapping because the fields are not nearly as competitive as some make out because the handicapper has stopped half of them from winning, and in that non winning bracket was, and still is, is Heavens Guest, which was one the first I crossed off. For the record I did Ayaar who didn’t like the soft ground, despite acting on it in the past but given faster ground and the new stable it will probably win the Hunt Cup

  13. sondrio2 says:

    hi matt, i really enjoyed watching the video, more vids would be much appreciated, its a great way to learn how to use the doing a lot of dob trading at the moment and the pace analysis is hopefully going to help me in making my selections, id never considered breaking the field into sections before as you showed in the vid, thats food for thought indeed.thanks for the video and im looking forward to the enhancments you mentioned in the video.
    cheers george

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi George

      I’m glad you liked the video, and if I called the result wrong – Heaven’s Guest probably anchored by a combination of weight and ground – then at least I was right about the draw, and that was one of the key aspects I was keen to highlight.

      It’s a fundamental truth that on almost all straight tracks, the ‘draw bias’ is actually a ‘pace bias’. Knowing where the speed is can help you to at least be on the right side. In the case of a race like the Victoria Cup, it would have made a 25 runner race more like a 15 runner race. Still very tough, but around 40% easier than otherwise!


      p.s. good luck with the dobbing

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