2021 May Promotion Partner Page

Dear partner,

Thank you very much for agreeing to help promote this Geegeez Gold flat campaign. As always, the focus is on quality content so all of your readers hopefully get a great experience and some new intel to put to work straight away. What follows is an explainer of the campaign. If you don't understand anything, or need help with something, just drop me a line directly on matt@geegeez.co.uk and I will be delighted to help.


I'd like you to send two emails to your list, one each on Thursday 6th May (download free report) and Thursday 13th May (offer is live).

The offer is for a six month subscription (covering the remaining part of the flat season (and all racing during that time) up until mid-November.

It will be £149 for the first six months (i.e. for the flat season), then £180/six months thereafter. Affiliates receive 50% of all revenues for the life of the customer.

Plan / Timeline

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday 6th May 10.30am UK time: Send email to your list inviting them to download the '16 Weird Biases' report from this page. I've put a lot into the report and I hope it's one of the best you've seen - and one of the best your readers have seen. You can download it here.

Monday 10th May: I'll send a video content piece about me, geegeez and how to research draw and pace angles.

Tuesday 11th May: Video content showcasing Geegeez Gold and revealing the offer / opening date for offer.

Wednesday 12th May: Big announcement - I'm making the Draw Analyser tool free to everyone for two months so readers can do their own research, free, if they'd like to.

Thursday 13th May, Midday UK Time: Offer goes LIVE. Send email to your list alerting them of page being live and offer available.

The usual pleas about not mailing early apply.

When people do it, everybody knows who did it and, you know, not cool and all that. [Thanks]


Affiliate Links / Copy

You can grab your affiliate link to the landing page, and some sample email copy, from your affiliate page here:


If you've forgotten your login details,  just give me a shout and I'll get you back in!

Once logged in, the sample copy is located here:

I've attached it at the bottom of this page also, for convenience - obviously, remember to add your links (and test your links), and your own signoff.

Your link will be in the format https://www.horseracingexperts.co.uk/affiliates//idevaffiliate.php?id=xxx_47_5_27 where xxx is your unique affiliate id.


Sample Email Copy

The flat season is now well and truly upon us and, to help you make it pay like never before,
I've just discovered an outstanding report about hidden draw biases.

This goes deep - really deep - to unearth 16 of the most powerful edges in UK (and Irish) in
2021. Be warned, though, some of what you think you know is NOT how you think it is!

For instance, did you know that Chester made a significant change in 2018 that has seriously
impacted the most famous draw advantage in the land? Or that the straight five furlongs at
Sandown is nowhere near the strip it was five years ago?

If you didn't know about these edges, you need this report. If you didn't know some had changed
dramatically, you need this report!

https://www.horseracingexperts.co.uk/affiliates//idevaffiliate.php?id=xxx_47_5_27: Click here to get your copy of '16 Strongest and Weirdest Draw Biases'

It's broken down into three parts, as follows:

- Section 1: All About Draw Bias [what it is, why it's important, when it's important]
- Section 2: The Biases [Analysis and breakdown of each of the 16 highlighted biases]
- Section 3: "Cut Out and Keep" Draw Bias Cheat Sheet [this is the page you'll want to keep handy]

https://www.horseracingexperts.co.uk/affiliates//idevaffiliate.php?id=xxx_47_5_27: Download this game-changing report, for free, right now.

This report is available right now to download, no charge, and it WILL change the way you look at
flat races. LINK: Go here now to claim your copy.


p.s. There are TEN meetings this week with races likely to be influenced by the biases flagged in
this awesome guide. Be aware of them before you strike another wager.

p.p.s. If you're even remotely serious about improving your racing bottom line - and having fun in
the process - you need this guide. It's only available for five days, so grab it now [https://www.horseracingexperts.co.uk/affiliates//idevaffiliate.php?id=xxx_47_5_27]