Hallings Comet, available at 33/1, was an easy find on Instant Expert

Hallings Comet, available at 33/1, was an easy find on Instant Expert

Take a 21 Day FREE TRIAL of the winners' service that is taking racing by storm!

If you love horse racing, and particularly betting on it, but you just don't feel like you're getting the kind of joy from it that you could be, then please spare me a couple of minutes of your time. I'd like to show you a new approach to solving the racing puzzle that has brought more fun, and more profit, to a growing army of delighted fans.

Most people struggle to make money from betting on horses because of a lack of time or a lack of information. Let's face it, we're all busy these days, and most of us don't have three hours a day to dedicate to the form book. That's why we devised a service called Geegeez Gold: to provide racing fans with more information in less time so that they can make better bets and have more fun. Oh, and start winning!

And today I'd like to offer you a very special 21 day FREE TRIAL of the Geegeez Gold service.



"So what exactly is Geegeez Gold?"

Tips That Win, Odds You Can Get!

Good question! Gold is a tool kit. Gold is next generation race cards. Gold is profitable tipping where you can actually get on at the prices quoted. Gold is ratings that work. Gold is form and pace and draw and trainer patterns and sires and... Gold is whatever you need it to be.

If you have little or no time for form study, or you just don't want to do it, our one a day tipping service, Stat of the Day, is for you. Since we started in November 2011, Stat of the Day (SotD) has made a profit of 471.68 points (to 1st July 2017). That's £4,716.80 to £10 stakes, from a one point bet on one horse a day, Monday to Saturday.

In the last year alone, SotD has accrued these impressive figures:

July 1st 2016 to June 30th 2017 : 91/263 (34.60%) for 161.18pts (+61.29% ROI)



Locked and Loaded Race Cards

At first glance, Gold racecards look very similar to any other. But behind every icon is an encyclopedia of information for those who like to delve more deeply. For those who don't, we have key indicators highlighting things like trainer and jockeys in excellent recent or long-term course form, and first time handicap starters or trainer changes.

Take High Wells below, for instance. HC1 by his name means he's running in a handicap for the first time today. Clicking on the little black-suited man (Trainer Form) icon reveals a raft of information, including his trainer's record with runners making their handicap debut.


It's the sort of thing you won't find anywhere else, and it consistently points to impossible-looking winners! And, you know what? It's really fun unearthing snippets like this and knowing that almost nobody - fellow Gold users and stable insiders aside - has any idea of these betting opportunities.


Become An Instant Expert!

Perhaps our most popular form view is a traffic light grid that showcases the entire relevant form history for all runners in a race. You can see, literally at a glance, the horses most likely to be suited to today's race conditions. That's why we called it the Instant Expert!



Pace wins the race, Draw to score, and Slice and Dice the form...

Once you've got to grips with some of the views above, or perhaps before then, Gold has a lot more to assist. From intuitive draw tools, to pace maps, to full form filters that allow users to 'slice and dice' the form of not just horses, but also trainers, jockeys, and sires, we've built a professional form book that anyone can use.

The key to all of it is to find what works for YOU. We are all different. We have different amounts of time available, different levels of experience, different interests in delving into the form. Gold has something - plenty, in fact - for everyone.


"Not only, but also..."

Gold also has a full suite of reports designed to shine a torch on trainers, jockeys, sires and races which are worth closer scrutiny. Gold has a forum with a range of profitable tipping threads. And Gold has a Query Tool, where users can build their own systems and angles.


Please. Don't Be Overwhelmed.

When going through what is inside Geegeez Gold, it can feel somewhat overwhelming. But here's the thing: nobody uses all of it. You might start off looking at Stat of the Day, and Instant Expert. If you're more advanced, you might head straight for our pace tools or Query Tool. It doesn't matter. You'll have three full weeks to stroll through the Gold countryside and to find the parts that work best for you. I hope you'll enjoy what you discover.


But hurry - this offer DOES end soon!

I started this project from scratch just a few short years ago, and now we have over a thousand Gold subscribers, and more than 10,000 free subscribers, to the service. Forgive me for saying this, but that's because it's really good! We have senior members of racing's top table, respected television journalists, professional punters, and tipster service providers all subscribing to Gold.

More importantly than all of those, however, we have hundreds and hundreds of recreational bettors who want to have a bit more fun and make a bit more profit from their racing wagers. I would love to welcome you to the team 🙂

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