260.57 Reasons To Love Geegeez.co.uk

geegeezWe're not generally in the business of back-slapping here at geegeez. But just occasionally I think it's worth reminding newer subscribers, and those who may simply not be aware, of some of the daily goodness to be found in these virtual pages.

Unlike the Racing Post, where every winner is trumpeted from the rooftops, and an overall score is conveniently not shared publicly, our tipsters do their business firmly in the open. When I say "our tipsters", I do of course, mean Chris, and sometimes me.

Between us, we've started and maintained two long-term daily tipping services (excluding Sundays) - Stat of the Day and Double Dutch.

Stat of the Day is a 'one a day' service based on, as the name suggests, something of statistical interest on the day. Whether the horse wins or not, there's always a sound reason for getting involved. And win they very often do. Indeed, at the last weekly checkpoint, the strike rate - based on 864 selections - was 28.82%. That's 249 winners which, I'm delighted to report, is now 250 winners thanks to Perfect Cracker's 4/1 verdict on Monday.

The return on investment on those Stat of the Day picks is an amazing 23.61%. I don't use the term lightly. Nearly 25% ROI is absolutely stellar. Better than pretty much all premium rate tipsters.

Stat of the Day has been consistently profitable since it started and, in many ways, it is undersold as part of a Gold package costing just £24 a month. There are plenty of services out there charging twice as much and more, without all the other winner-getting elements we have here at geegeez.

Then there's Double Dutch, a 2x2 service where we take two horses in two races and advise half point doubles (two points staked). This is a newer offering, and it's available to all registered users, whether paid or free. Since we started Double Dutch 257 days ago, we've enjoyed 89 winning doubles. That's a 34.63% strike rate.

With a 23/1 double just yesterday, we're showing a profit of 56.34 points, and an 11% return on investment. From a completely free service. It's a great concept, and I'm extremely proud of the excellent work Chris does on these two services.

Collectively, they've been worth 260.57 points profit from 1,121 bets since November 2011. That's an 18.91% return on investment overall, and a win strike rate of 30.24%. If you know of a better service performance than that over such a period of time, it's long odds on you're paying more for it than a Geegeez Gold subscription!

What else?

Well, we did have a popular daily piece called The Shortlist, which was very time-consuming to pull together, hence it was dropped. But, because of the mechanistic approach I took to creating each day's The Shortlist, it was a prime candidate for automating. So Gold members now have a report called... you guessed it... The Shortlist, in their daily report dropdown. Here's yesterday's as an example:

Your first 30 days for just £1


And here's today's The Shortlist on what could not be described as a vintage day:


There are so many other elements that I could mention, like the form indicators actually on the card; the trainer form views (four of them); the jockey form views (ditto, 4x); and the trainer/jockey combo views (again, four meaningful views).

Or what about the unique pace analyses we provide for UK racing? Or the breeding insights? Or the head to head report?

And there are more unique insights coming soon - within a fortnight or so, I hope.

We'll have a place view for The Shortlist report, for those of you who like to back a horse each way at a price (like me!). And something very cool, which has a working title of "Then What?!", which will display the subsequent performances of horses from races in the historical form in an easily digestible form. What that basically means is that you'll be able to know whether a horse that, for instance, won in a field of six beat a bunch of trees or won a nice little race.

In other words, it will articulate how a race has worked out right in the inline form. I'm really looking forward to incorporating this. The database side is complete now, and the website side should be ready, as I say, in a couple of weeks or so.

(The functionality will also show up in full results, so you'll be able to see how each horse from a historical result has performed since, with summary race information at the bottom of the screen).

Geegeez has come a long way in recent years, and we're proud to continue to innovate and attempt to redefine the way people look at horse racing form. We think, with our unique 'data visualization' approach that we're on the right track, and we hope you're enjoying it too.

Thanks a lot for reading today's post, and for allowing me to share with you some of the features about which we're so proud. I'm off to Haydock today for a rare 'real life' meeting with Chris, Mr Stat of the Day (and much, much more besides). I owe him a pint, or six.

Have a great day!


p.s. if you'd like to try out geegeez Gold, or maybe just start enjoying those awesome Stat of the Day selections, you can take a free ten day trial here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
16 replies
  1. Blokeshead says:

    I owe him a pint or six too, Matt. However, after yesterday, he’s probably pretty flush himself right now! 🙂

    Have a great day out, the pair of you. God knows you’ve earned it.

  2. Chris Worrall says:

    This also happens to be the best “job” I’ve ever had.
    So, make that 261.57 reasons. 😀


  3. dodgyclaimer says:

    Hi Matt, just might see you at Haydock. Bit overcast and drizzle. Not a tipster just a form book addict and speed freak. I have 2 that I will be having a few quid onto today 4.50 BURNT FINGERS (I hope not) and HUNTERS CREEK in the 5.20 I also have FERRYVIEW PLACE 2.20 and ELAND ALLY 3.20 in my notebook. Have a great day Matt and leave some money in the satchels for me. Regards Ed

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Good luck with those, Ed. Form book addicts are the coolest kids on the planet 😉


  4. bigvern63 says:

    Said it before, will say it again – simply the best value site for racing and punting in existence, ever!! No coincidence that my best year’s results from a betting perspective have been since acquiring Gold membership of geegeez.

    Keep up the excellent work chaps.

    Cheers, Chris

  5. Roddo says:

    Got to endorse bigvern63’s comments.There is nothing anywhere that comes near a gold membership.As Matt knows i am hard to please and have been critical of some of Matts ventures.To anybody hesitating in becoming a member,DONT.You will not regret it.Enjoy your day lads.

  6. Doshtosh says:

    My, absolute, favourite racing site, every morning,and evening! I’ve made lots of blunders, re racing activities, joining Geegeez was my master stroke. Thanks for all your efforts, especially, though, SOTD definitely “awesome”

  7. RonCombo says:

    Can’t imagine punting without GeeGeez. Simple as that.
    Btw chaps, how did you get on at Haydock today? 🙂

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Chris had a winner, and called another winner but didn’t back it. I… did not have a winner!

      p.s. thanks for the kind words about geegeez, Arthur. 🙂

  8. MikeA says:

    Wish I’d read this earlier I would have bought you both a pint as I was at haydock with work today. First 6 winners (admittedly from about 16 selections) hope you both had a good day as well.

  9. Robert DAY says:

    Hi Matt, another good lay to day 3.30 Pont Storyline 86.6% SR to date.
    I use your cards every day after going through my own rating method or I should say
    the Vander Wheil method to find the best horse in the race I use 3 other programs
    then your cards to give me the final piece in the jigsaw, without all that info I am sure I would lose big time laying, can’t thank you and the other programers enough.
    It just goes to show that not all horse punters are scammers their are a few we can trust
    if we look hard enough and are savvy enough, I’m sure I speak for all thanks a mill.
    Yours Bob.

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