5th June Video Preview: Bringing it together

In this fifth and final video preview of the week, I use the racecards, form tools and reports to isolate a few interesting horses in the seven older-horse handicaps taking place on Friday.

This series has been about process rather than desperately trying to pick winners. Happily, it has illustrated the process with numerous scores including 22/1 Zodiakos on the very first day. Whether you backed any of them or not, I hope you've gained some insights into the kit we have here and what it can do for YOU.

Most importantly, I hope you've seen that fun and profit are not mutually exclusive and that winning from betting on horses is possible.

Here's my final episode of the weekend. With luck there will be something of value within...

Your first 30 days for just £1

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Your first 30 days for just £1
11 replies
  1. Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis says:

    Hi Matt

    I haven’t seen this one yet but just wanted to tell you I followed your advice ‘re Report Angles Report in the previous video (I had no idea there was that functionality and previously spent ages running individual T/J, H4C etc reports) plus your advice ‘re focusing on A/E rather than win percentage and landed on Bungee Jump at 40/1 morning prices. Many thanks for taking the time to remind us of everything on Good – I’m so glad you survived the racing lockdown!

  2. Janves
    Janves says:

    Hiya Matt,

    I will be defo watching it later tonight after I will decide my picks, you know, you might influence my decision :-D.

    I really cannot thank you enough for Geegeez tools, they are absolutely brilliant.


  3. shell62
    shell62 says:

    This was probably a good move for me to get involved with gold. I dont have trouble picking winners but this service as put me on horses i may have left alone. So far its been a good week for me had 4 winners and a few placed given me a fair profit for the week. The more i get used to it the more i am expected to find more winners, really enjoyed the videos you have put on, it is easier to see someone explain it on a video than reading how to use it. Thanks Matt.

  4. 29tomtmp29
    29tomtmp29 says:

    Enjoying all your video ,I watch one showing running lines ,charts,show sectional,dry to follow you but when I press result boxes I get to press is just cements rating future form,

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Tom

      Sectional data is not available for all race meetings, due to the complicated commercial arrangements in the sport. There is normally a one day delay with publishing sectional data for the meetings we have. I am very much hoping that RMG, the company in charge of sectionals for the other UK tracks, will be in a position to share sectional data in the near future.


  5. jashmeade
    jashmeade says:

    Thanks Matt another great video, my report angles got me on Bright Devil today at 35’s on the exchanges and without watching your videos and spending the time setting them up i wouldn’t of been on. It would be nice one day to be able to use Querry Tool i’ve tried before but can’t get my head around it but like you said tonight i’ve got plentty of other tools to keep me going for now. Thank you!

  6. Luke
    Luke says:

    Hi Matt,

    Another great video I subscribed to gold after a few recommendations from friends and I think it’s brilliant and completely transformed my punting, I now feel like I was previously going in to a gun fight with a butter knife and very little of the relevant info. I think these videos are great and I think it would be highly beneficial to have more of them, even maybe from other punters/ employees to see how different people filter through the race cards and come to their selections? Anyway, great video.

  7. Seamus259
    Seamus259 says:

    Thanks Matt. As always helpful and informative. Great tools are readily available to all subscribers and after success with Zodiakos I am hoping to follow up with another winner or 2 today! Best, Mark

  8. ktibbett44
    ktibbett44 says:

    without using the likes of Report Angles and Instant Expert where else would you go that could suggest a possible bet such as 40.1 winner Bungee Jump. As Matt has said previously, its not that often you back a horse at such a price but when you do.
    The video’s are great and hopefully they can continue

  9. chispa
    chispa says:

    Hi , thanks for your insights ! Having used GGs for some years now it’s easy to take things for granted. However , watching you go through stuff it reminds me what a fantastic site Geegeez really is ! And it just gets better and better . Well done all involved .

  10. winderman
    winderman says:

    Thanks Matt,
    Loving the video’s. I’ve seen you more than my wife this week. Good to see how others use gold. Cheers

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