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Royal Ascot 2021 Clock Watcher: Sectional Horses of Interest

The searing heat of battle that is Royal Ascot is now a fading memory but its impact on the form book will permeate throughout the remainder of this season and beyond. Picking performances of extreme merit is not difficult – Poetic Flare’s demolition in the St James’s Palace Stakes, Subjectivist’s similar one horse show in […]


Clock Watcher: Six to Follow

It’s been a while – three months, in fact – since the last Clock Watcher and, during that time, there have been some compelling performances on the proverbial stopwatch. In what follows, I’ve identified six horses that could be worth looking out for. Before that, though, some big sectional news. Sectional Data Now Published for […]


Clock Watcher: Young Guns

Is that the time? Doesn’t it fly when you’re having fun? It’s been a good while since the previous Clock Watcher episode so high time for another instalment. This time the focus is mainly on two-year-old races which might pan out well – or at least better than markets expect. When pulling the relevant races […]


Clock Watcher: Slow Slow Quick

A month has passed since the previous episode of Clock Watcher, so it’s high time we had another rummage through the sectional archives for interesting morsels. In this gripping instalment, I’ll share two potentially hot races and, firstly, two progressive hold up types whose limit may not have been reached. Feel The Chil We start […]


Clock Watcher: Lessons from Harrovian

After an extended pandemic break, Clock Watcher is back! This semi-regular feature aims to highlight interesting performances from a sectional timing perspective. Before we dive into those noteworthy efforts, a quick recap to set the scene. Sectional Recap Sectional timing aims to tell us more about how a race was run by splitting it up […]


Clock Watcher: King of the SANaaDh?

After a short hiatus where, in truth, not much of note was happening across the courses our sectional data covers, Clock Watcher is back. In this week’s instalment, I’ll share the top performer in his Newcastle seven furlong peer group; a win machine who arguably ran her best race in recent defeat; and the first […]


Clock Watcher: Some Breeze from Wind

It’s Wednesday and time for another edition of Clock Watcher, a weekly roundup of interesting performances from a sectional timing perspective. In focus this week is an impressive middle distance newcomer to the Nottinghamshire beach; a perfect example of upgrades in action; and an explanation of the concept of OMC. Plus, a new column in […]


Clock Watcher: Keep Kaser Onside

Welcome to week three of the Clock Watcher feature, illustrating performances of interest from a sectional timing perspective. Geegeez Gold has a range of sectional data to assist curious bettors, including sectional percentages, finishing speed percentages, and running lines: we’ll discuss the last named in more detail in this article. But first, a few races […]


Clock Watcher: State of the Union

The intent of this Clock Watcher series is primarily educational, though obviously with some entertainment value lobbed in as well. It is not really meant to be a tipping piece for all that example horses are generally presumed to have potentially more ability than immediately meets the eye. That said, when trying to extol the […]


Clock Watcher: Rise for National Anthem

Welcome to a new weekly feature, Clock Watcher, where we’ll shine a light on a few horses that might be interesting to follow from a speed and/or sectional perspective. It is my hope that this column will also serve to introduce, embed and reinforce various concepts which may be unfamiliar at this stage. Generally speaking, a […]


Sectional Timing, and How To Use It

Much has been made of sectional timing in the past 18 months or so, including by me, and it can indeed offer great insight into how races were run. But the challenge for publishers, including here at, is to successfully answer the question, “How do I use sectional timing to inform my betting?”. That […]


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Geegeez Racecards

Many of you have used Geegeez Gold racecards to look at the day’s racing for quite a while. But still, lots of racing fans remain unaware of the reasons why our cards are regarded as just about the most powerful on the webz. Let me explain… The Geegeez racecard is a highly effective “information processor”, interpreting […]

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