Ray Thompson

Nice little £115 profit. I left the evening AWs alone after that! We have three jumps venues today; Naas is a negative drag but like yesterday I’m looking for the Maidens and Flat to bring some joy. Warwick positive (Chs +£60, Hdl +£180 up to last totals) and best Dec-Mar. Wetherby has slipped into the red only last last year (2014-2015 season) and while best in Dec to May, that latter month is best. Borderline, so I’ll have a punt today:

Naas 12.45MH Indian Monsoon 80, Azamesse 95 and Sarah Joyce 60
2.30MH Dramatic Event 30, Emily’s Flame 120!, Lord Fendale 85, Neatly Put 85 and Glenloe 55
4.10Flat Little Missserious 42

War 12.40HH Fauve 170, Belize 42 and Flash Crash 24
1.15HC Owen Na View 42
2.25HH Floral Spinner 70 and According To Trev 42
3.35HC Loose Chips 70, Ballyheigue Boy 70, Russe Blanc 32, Red Devil Lads 25C and What A Good Night 25C

Wet 1.30HH Moscow Presents 32, Hey Bob 43 and Zakety Zak 70
2.40HH Medicine Hat 80, Waterlock 32 and Spanish Fleet 25C
3.15HC Vayland 50.

All on ATR, some on C4

On the AW, 13 at Cfd and 10 at Lin this afternoon, so some little punts there too.

Enjoy! 🙂

More to come, but nearly post time for War. Back to update immediately.

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