Ray Thompson

I scanned my scribble sheet from Saturday in order to print it here so I could show the major omission of mine re the 3.35 at Asc. Don’t know why, but it didn’t work. It was the one line missing and it said Aerlite Supreme 42 and Dare Me 70, so although I got a good return and profit on Saturday I can’t claim it without proofing it here! 🙁

The Mooch and Sexy Secret were easy to back early yesterday, so no problem there. A small profit of +£51 in my account but I know Sexy Secret’s price plummeted on track to 10/1 at the off. Today’s Newcastle meet is abandoned and Kempton is very negative in coughing up outsiders. However, that’s its track record from when I used to give only one selection per race, so I might be grasping at straws but I’m still gonna have some £2 bets there today:

K1.05HH Guiting Power 32, Bergundy Betty 40, Tisfreetdream 70, Jackfield 28 and Whispering Speed 25C
K3.45HC Gallery Exhibition 25C, For Two 25C and Atlantic Roller 32
K4.20HH Antiphony 25C and Bountiful Sin 73

WolAW 2.20H Ormanumps 32 and Window Shopping 100
2.50H Ryan The Giant 25C, Edith Weston 70 and Mistaken Lady 150
3.25H Dovils Date 28 and Symbolist 80
4.30M You’ll Do 38 and Feel This Moment 25C
5.00H Big Storm Coming 25C?
6.00H Honey Required 80, Mr Chocolate Drop 25C, John Potts 40 and Pipers Piping 40

That’s it. Movie Monday beckons and I’m off to see The Room. Have fun, and NO cock-ups, especially me!! 🙂

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