Agreed Sondrio. I’m already down to minimum stakes, not complaining about tipsters, all in the game, but unfortunately on the whole all of the few I’m now with are losing this month, and I’m a couple of hundred plus down even on very small stakes, would be over a grand at a tenner a point, any idea of a portfolio bailing me out or giving me cover doesn’t work if they are all out of luck/form at the same time, weather and poor(?) racing can’t help. I just have Classic Racing Gold doing the business in Ireland for me at the moment, they’ve had an excellent review on here and continue to do well. A bit of seconditis with others, for example Little Big Man I had at 16/1 last night got done by a nose, other times they go in….. Never mind, on we go! I have a lot of hopes pinned on Cheltenham where I usually do well, but the past is no guarantee of the future! 🙂

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