Lol well I’ve had a shake up and will continue to look to reduce, the (failed!) idea is to have a range in a portfolio that offset each other when one wins and one loses, but they all went down together in January except the Irish Classic Gold who kept me afloat basically. Year one was a trial of many, year two should settle down now, I just gave January a sweep and some new brooms!

I read every review going, trying to see if the figures and the hype add up, headlines and quoted prices aren’t always what they seem. Like you all, many emails with much info, and reading sites like this, LaybackandGetRich, annual member of Secret Betting Club and so on. A good guy I’ve shared emails with is Kenny Turnbull of WinnersOdds who shares his own portfolio of tipsters he’s following along with his wins and losses money and stats with them, a good site.

I agree more than a handful is too many, less is more, but I’m happy to spread my stakes around for now, time will tell, but doing ok, with the aim to do better. Last summer was brilliant and where I had my first shut down from Betfair Sportsbook, Autumn into Winter not so good, let’s hope Spring into Summer is profitable but it’s all a long game.

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