Ray Thompson

Almost a disaster then, like the day before, the last race not only charges in to the rescue but also delivers a revelation, a real “Eureka” moment! You might have noticed that the 75 I went for and got was a tad short of BSP of just under 130 and actually peaked at 240. This solved a thought I’ve been juggling with for some time. We’re correct in going for the big asks in the smaller price range – 16/1 asking 25, 18/1 28, 20/1 32, 22/1 36, 25/1 42 and 28/1 50+ but the larger figures are 99% of the time much higher than ISP at BSP. Because we “translate” from ISP to BSP we forget that the research has been done using actual results, not early possibles from RP or bookies’ tissues. Here’s what I’m changing, 16/1-28/1 as above (as before) but 33/1+ ISPs to BSP off price. We’ve mentioned before the occasional 1000s that have come on BSP, or 950s, 900s, 850s … etc, but how often are we actually ON them? From now, I’m doing 33/1+ ISP at 1,000 or BSP at the off. Comments, ideas, improvements on this?

Catterick LH, GS, 6%FR, In MINUS currently, best January, these NO BETS are for the record only:
1.50HC Devon River, New Academy 26, Miss Conway 25C
4.00HC Swift Arrow
4.30HH Archimix 42, Sory, Brunella 25C

Chepstow LH, Hvy, 7%FR, Chs +£90, Hdl -£330, Chasers and Flat good, H/C Hdls bad and for RECORD PROOFING ONLY
3.15HC Forgivienne 42, Steel A Tune, Kilrush, The Sneezer and Tom Bach
3.50HH RO. Midnight Belle, L Frank Baum, Agreement and Lava Lamp 28
4.20HC Emma Soda 32
4.50Flat Double Miss and Muffins For Tea 25C

LinAW4.40H Annakrista, Star Anise and Top Tempo 50

Dundalk 25 selections, Wolv 7 sels

I’m off to a birthday party. I may be gone for some time 😀

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