Good to have you back, FGR (or do you prefer Paul?) I follow a few, mate.

Firstly, don’t forget you can check Chris’ trials in “Product Reviews”. And speaking of Chris, SotD of course.

Secondly, I’d recommend Josh Wright’s “Racing to Profit” blog. It is free to access, he’s set up a donation section to try to keep it that way (I’ve signed up as I’m almost £800 up in 2016 already, although even / especially he acknowledges that run can’t continue).

gg.co.uk is also a free site, with the likes of Sam Turner, Kevin O’Malley and, particularly, the excellent Andrew Mount (his stats analysis is almost unbelievable in it’s depth)

The Betting Gods stable is excellent in that they offer free trials. With Dave (b8nd8r) I’m a member of Big Race Bookie Bashers who is back to form after reverting to his original selective (normally big races, funnily enough) tipping, so he doesn’t put one up every day. If you find one you like, Betting Gods’ lifetime fees are worth considering (ask him to throw in SMS alerts…he did for me).

I also follow both of Carl Nicholson’s services, but if I had to recommend one main service it’d be Racing Consultants run be “Chutney” Dave Massey and Rory (helynsar) Delargy. Their selections are well thought out, fully explained and profitable. Provided it’s not an issue that they tend to post up between 10 and 11 am (no SMS unfortunately) – for the market to settle down – I’d go for them.


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