Thanks for this Ray, as i think this, especially on the AW is something we need. And better to use straight points. Obviously we might not always get on the best asking price for the odds, however it is helpful

Straight off the bat we can see that hcaps are more reliable/profitable across the board in Mar-May period. Maidens we see that Kempton is about +5pts fpr a specific 15 month period, and easily lost if best price not matched. Dundalk and Southwell are clearly worth the play, but are the only two for Maidens, especially Dundalk

HCaps, all courses strong across the 15 months quoted. Chelmsfor with only 2015 had around +80pts, second worst is Southwell at approx +150pts, yep, +150pts is the 2nd worst performer. Dundalk a near +1000pts

Clearly some of these will be massive price winners but despite lossing months over the AW courses here and there, this is eye-opening.

To be honest, I’d like to compare this with a similar Jan and Feb breakdown as my notes seem to be a little contradictory on those months.

Given the breakdowns, one coulr literally ignore maidens on the mainland and only play Dundalk as the total profit on the mainland across 15 months is approx +18pts.

This could be a vital statistic if it is backed up by overal Jan and Feb 2011-15 stats, and at the least is a way to cut down the number of bets placed if Maidens are dropped (exc Dundalk)

But thanks for the sterling effort on this and I think this format being published is surely easier to digest, unless there are other specific subsets that run counter to these overall numbers

Thanks again Ray

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