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Kevil9: I’ve got all the stats for the last 5 years – 6 counting this year so far – and I’ll bung Jan + Feb up later today for you. But first, today’s contenders; starting with the two jumps meets today where only one race at Taunton meets our requirements but four at Ludlow look interesting:

Ludlow is a right-hander with chase points at +21 and hurdle +67 does slightly better in Jan and April but steady throughout the season
2.30HH Crowd Control 48
3.05HC Glenwood Star 70 and Uhlan Bute 32
3.40HC Kilbree Kid 48 and Foundry Square 32
5.25HH Discay 32, Catchin Time 32 and Blue April 25C

Taunton favours Jan, but also likes Feb, Mar and April. C+13pts and H+10
5.35HH Rosygo 32 and Up To Al 25C

You have the stats for Cfd and Sth. Contenders are …
Sth1.45H Feelin Dicky 32 and Men United 28
2.50H Galvanize 42 and New Lease Of Life 32
4.00H Beauty’s Forte 80, Skywards Miles 70 and Prayer Time 48
4.35H Powderonthebonnet 70, Mr Frankie 32 and Solarmaite 25C

Cfd8.10H Simply Clever 80, Whitstable Pearl 70, Packing Empire 70 and Daydream 32
8.40H Red Invader 36 and Smokethatthunders 32
9.10H Everywish 70, Hoonose 70 and Black Iceman 25C

Yesterday Miss Buckaroo Won 42 (peaked at 95) left us with +10pts before commission.

And last but not least we have some Turf action at Meydan, handicaps (H) and sponsored (S) races and some further world venue gold mines I’ve spotted.
Mey3.35S Ajwad 70, Dubai Fashion 32 and Almashooqa 25C
5.20H Decathlete 100, Ya Wayl 70, Championship 32 and Kanaf 25C
5.55S Quarterback 36, Wasir 28 and Certerach 25C
6.30H Avon Pearl 100, Nolohay 80, Snow Squall 48, Shamaal Nibras 25C and Pilote 25C

Back after lunch with more statty stuff 🙂

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