Ray Thompson

No statty stuff yet, fencers called yesterday (no Zorro jokes please!) and I had to start tearing down the old broken fences and getting the stuff out of their way for today. They arrived at godless o’clock and they’re now on lunch break.

Great day yesterday the win (Whitstable Pearl, 70) and NINE placed, two of ’em 2nd and 3rd in Whitstable’s race! That brought home 140pts for the win and 103.20pts place, or to £2 stakes £60 and £126 profit.

Doncaster is for the record only or place only if you’re like me. Newbury is better at 73pts Chs and only 3pts down on Hdls

Don 210HHX Hillview Lad 50, Polarbrook 32 and Kayfton Pete 28
4.55HHX Aza Run 48, Hydrant 32 and Another Cobbler 25C

Nby 3.25HC Paddy The Stout 32 and Strongly Suggested 28
4.00HC Boardwalk Empire 150, Lucky Jim 70, Bob Tucker 42 and Elmore Back 32
4.30HH Badgers Cove 42 and Fort Smith 32
5.35Flat Peal Of Bells 100, Owners Day 80 and Staunton 70

LinAW2.30M Lemon Thyme 160 Dangerous Secret 100 and Katie Canford 55
3.40H Majestic Moon 70
4.45M Nightmare 80, Quick Witted 70 and Jamaica Inn 32

WolAW5.45H That’s Ours 42, Deadline Day 42 and Yasir 32
6.15H Bushwise 48 and Comparinka 42
7.15H Notts So Blue 80, Don’t Tell Louise 70, Quite Sparky 70 and Hazel Blue 25C
7.45H Sakhalin Star 70 and Samsonite 48
8.15M Ksenia 100

DunAW6.00H Turfjager 80 and Your Pal Tal 42
6.30H Mattydillon 150, Shanghai Dolly 42 and Hilary 36
7.00H Megan’s Legacy 48, Tears In My Eyes 32 and Prove The Point25C
8.30H Salma Gondis 70, Tomorrow Morning 32, Royal Roslea 32 and Gun Shoot 32
9.00H Wandering Aengus 80, Unrequited 42, My Painter 42, Cnoc Na Sioga 42 and Presenting Julio 32

Right, back to the fencing. En guarde!!! 😀

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