Not in a position right now Ray. Trying to do it form work with changing hours and check prices at a mid morning time and verify selections with your posts has been tricky, not to mention losing out on asked for prices. Trying to use betfair app on phone, which has no settle at SP option means winners go completely. New chromebook is order of the day for access to full site!

I also felt Jan and Feb were a struggle, until the 4 wins on Feb 26th, which I wasn;t on.

given the time of year and AW, I have been holding back to adjust bank and plays while the historic info was converted from £2 and £5 stakes to actual points and then maiden hcaps, and then course details.

Obviously you supplied some of that recently, but await further info for the 5 years and especially Nov-Feb periods.

I took a hit on other systems through Jan and Feb at more normal stakes, so it’s a case of update my notes when you post them, but I think the AW should hold no fears on a hcap basis through the main AW plays, depsite individual losing months for some courses

Your posts and updates on the stats are most eagerly awaited, trust me!! But nice call on My Time, that’s what we all want to see, even if not on it ourselves!

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