Ray Thompson

The weather has fu – oops! – messed up the runners on the jumps courses and we’re left with one race at each of Ayr and Lim, two at San. A couple of races at Meydan AW dirt track and more this evening at Cfd at Dun.

Ayr okay in March but best in April over chases (+96 points) but poor (-43 points) in hurdles, therefore for the record today or place only
2.30HHX Sultana Bell 80, Higgs Boson 42, Red Piano 42 and Bescot Spring 25C

Limerick is best in MARCH and Dec equally, plus 53pts Chs and +196pts! Hdls. A great track for findable outsiders. Findable? Is that a real word? Err… no, but you know what I mean!
2.35HH Fugitive Motel 42, Shrewd Move 32, Mardar 32, Lasoscar 25C and All The Chimneys 25C

Sandown is a Dec to Mar track for us with Feb being best. +43pts chs and +70pts hdl suits today…
2.10HH Expanding Unverse 28 and Newton Geronimo 25C
3.50HH American Life 65, Bells ‘N’ Banjos 42, Cadoudoff 32 and Little Boy Boru 25C

Meydan’s dirt track favours the front runners but some HUGE-priced outsiders pop in occasionally.
5.20H Khubala 36, Trinity Force 32 and Forever The Optimist 25C
6.30H Bedale 200, Main De Fer 100 and Sheeba 80

Chelmsford was a new track last year so no stats to go on, but Dundalk, although with poor returns last March, is the biz, having returned massive profits in each of the previous year since (and Including) 2011, but, apart from 2011, NOT in maidens.

Cfd5.45H Plover 42 and Do It Tomorrow 36
7.15H Sunraider 80, Penny Dreadful 80, Seamster 32 and Borough Boy 25C
8.15H Pucon 42 and Desert Strike 42

Dun6.05MX Theorem 80, Try Again 50 and Cresendo (yuk but that’s how THEY spell it) 32
6.35H Bobwin 100, Jesse Tree 48 and Missile Compound 28
7.35MX Crash Bang Wallop 200, Queen Alpha 200 and Bumper Crop 150
8.05H Winsor Royal 70, Noverre Princess 32, Stoichkov 32 and Royal Blessing 25C
9.05H My Painter 60, Dew Line 32, Navegante 25C and Catchy Lass 25C

There ye go; 36 bets and ten FTR (or place if you’re bored), with a few 25CATO and nae doot some NRs

Apologies, I forgot about the Jan/Feb stats. I’ll reprint the lot including this year’s.


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