Ray Thompson

Another two nice winners yesterday including one at Chl at last! More today?
2.10HH Francis Of Assisi 200, Sternrubin 70, Hawk High 70, Cardinal Walter 50 and Henry Higgins 36
4.50HH White Out 70, Nabucco 70, Laurium 42, Montdragon 32 ans Ibis Du Rheu 28
5.30HC Solar Impulse 80, Pearls Legend 48, Savello 42, Croco Bay 42 and Chris Pea Green 32

Fak 3.55HH Occasionally Yours 100, Vedani 70, Shalambar 50 and Edward Elgar 40 (March best month)

LinAW4.25H Red Ruffian 42 and Silver Wings 42

Usual at Dun and Wol this evening. I’ll try to post ’em up when I’ve worked them out this p.m.

Have fun!