Matt Bisogno

Hi guys

Interesting thoughts on the Trainer and TJ Combo Reports. I love them both, and am often prepared to take a chance on a horse with ostensibly poor form if the trainer has a strong long term course record. That’s the view I use most – 5 Year Course Form – though I am also interested in very recent form. A combination of good data on both those views for the same trainer is very attractive to me.

It would be great if more people posted their daily fancies from the various parts of the Gold provision, and from a purely selfish perspective it is a bit disappointing that the ‘Today’s Racing’ section seems to be so rating-centric. I guess, at the end of the day, if people like ratings, then fair enough. But I still feel, like Will, that this is an odd place to discuss ratings, given there are only the speed ratings on geegeez – and most contributions, sunchu aside, don’t seem to reference those anyway (even though they are quite the most effective ratings I’ve ever known).

Just a few thoughts. I’ll close by reiterating that I’d really, really, really welcome users sharing something of how they set about the puzzle with other members. A LOT more people read this than contribute, so even if you don’t get a reply immediately, don’t think your contribution has fallen on deaf ears. Rather, it may have been heard by mute mouths, so to speak!


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