Ray Thompson

Another nice day at the sweet shop with Mezendork 29, Colourbearer 42 and Hurricane Volta 28; +£136 on the day

Not enough runners today at Nby, so it’s Fontwell Ch -48, Hdl +279, best month April
2.50HH Occasionally Yours 25C, Dollar Bill 25C and Handy Andy 25C
4.00HH Grisenau 150, Nouailhas 70, Dancing Dik 55 and Comedy House 42
4.35HCX George Nympton 42/5.5 and Houseparty 30/5.6
5.10Flat A Lasting Joy 320, Flybridge 170, Pokaril 150, Camron De Chaillac 32 and Pomme Rouge 28

Wetherby is borderline at C-11 and H-1 and best in May but as I effectively demonstrated two days ago, one winner can get them up again.
3.15HH Expanding Universe 70, Alchimix 42 and Heurtevent 32
4.25HH Magnolia Ridge 70 and Arkaim 28
5.35Flat Venturepredementia 200, Mortons Leam 38 and Robintheaulad 32

Lingfield AW this afternoon, then the regular Friday evening venues at Dundalk and Wolves. Lin has only made an April profit (+38 pts) in 2014 and is 128 down on the others (2011-2015) so they’re ‘X’ed for record only, current place prices shown if you’re a place only player.
2.00HX Rail Dancer 70/13.5 and Good Luck Charm 36/7
4.55HX Straits Of Malacca 42/8, Heartsong 42/7.2 and Langley Vale 32/5.7

Dundalk is a great track for us, with every year a HC winner apart from -47 in 2013, and superb with maiden outsiders, only minus in 2014 (-8pts) and +256pts all others combined:
6.00M Fluorescent Rock 25C, Fox Dream 25C and Davaria 25C
6.30M Bonfire Bank 150, Phebes Dream 120, Haqeeba 70, Pure Happiness 26 and Eshan 25C
7.00H Elusive Time 32 and Mzuri 25C
8.00H Mile Buiachas 48, War Room 42, Artistic Integrity 42, Doonard Prince 42 and Pushing My Patience 25C
9.00H Absorbing 70, No Bits 42, Mighty Fine 42 and Cristys Call 25C

Wolverhampton also brings April profits to our pockets, except the minus 40pts in 2014, but useless for maiden race outsiders.
5.45H Diminutive 70
6.45H Several 70 and Easydoesit 32
8.15H Possible Future 25C and Artful Mind 25C
8.45H Diamonds A Dancing 32 and Ambitious Boy 25C

I’ve phoned in my apology for absence at the Friday Club so I can spend the afternoon here with the Flat Turf Season system, the continuance with the AW and especially the National Hunt, plus some “rules” and tweaks of importance. Okay, shower and lunch (not at the same time!) and back soon. Ooh, it’s exciting! 😀

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