Thanks Ray on this, as I was going over the post from March 14th re breakdown in maiden and hcaps, and noticing how many months weren’t just losing months, but how many had zero maiden winners, which in a way reconfirmed an initial instinct from a previous post of yours which indicated some of those AW course be left alone entirely for maidens, with only hcaps being played. I will again update my notes on this, for the AW. For newer viewers, it may be worth mentioning for them that maidens are maiden stakes only (no other description), that sme of the hcaps are apprentice jockeys ones, the hcaps inc 3y-o and 3y-o+, and in the NH there are novice hcaps played too: just in case they pass over some of the previous notes, as there’s a lot of reading and scrolling in this, being a single page

They may have assumed all aged hcaps in error etc. But as ever, always look to your posts for any general adjustments I can make for the racing ahead

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