Thanks Matt, I must admit I had forgotten all about it, and then found a spreadsheet with the details. I recall initially that the rules were LTO worse than 6th, LTO not on heavy, minimum of two heavy wins ( ideally between 2-4) and marginally better if under <20/1 SP.

I think I tried to record some details from 1/2/14, with the starting base being 53/359 on a win only basis LSP +192pts and ROI 53.65%
I only recorded a few, so no idea why I stopped, and only resumed from Dec15, from the 10th, I have 8/50 +18.86pts at basic betfair SP, +11.25 industry SP, but +32.5pts if taking a best price the evening before

I hadn’t factored in field size or EW bets, but also wonder if the sweet spot is probably up until end of Dec each year. Win SR seems consistent around 16-17%, but thanks for your own update Matt, as it may be of use at a difficult time of the season, and i think always handy to have a heavy going system in the portfolio

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