Ray Thompson

I’m calling yesterday a draw even though I got a huge price about Vociferous Marina in the first at Curragh. The money came for it very quickly and decimated the early prices from 100 down to hardly-worth-it, meaning I don’t think many followers had a chance to score big. The other winner, Jack’s Revenge, paid my 28 (peaked at 95), matching the remaining bets for the day.

Two FT and an NH today…

Bath LH H+429, ATR
2.10H Soundbyte 42, The Bay Bandit 32 and Avocadeau 25C
2.40H Captain Marmalade 80, Glittering 70, Living Leader 60, Russian Ranger 42 and Miss Inga Sock 36
3.10H Jersey Bull 150, Isis Blue 80, Evidence 70, Golden Isles 42 and Rajadamri 25C
4.10H Masquerade Bling 100, Gala Celebration 80 and The Night Is Ours 60 (Res: Gaia Princess 32)
4.40H Roundabout Magic 42 and Fair Selene 25C
5.10H Englishwoman 80, Whitecrest 42, Rigolleto 42, Ebony N Ivory 42 and Silverrica 32
5.40H Catalina’s Diamond 70, Dreams Of Glory 60, Captain Ryan 32 and Jaganory 25C (Res: Shine Likeadiamond 25C and Beau Mistral 25C)

Ham RH M-5, H+498, RUK
1.50M Chinese Spirit 150 and X Rated 25C
2.20H Bannock Town 300+ and Ay Up Audrey 100
2.50H Amber Crystal 80, Amis Reunis 60 and Mr Conundrum 32
4.20H Cheers Buddy 80, Devious Spirit 25C and Royal Holiday 25C
4.55H Piper Bill 150 and Swiss Lait 25C

NH Nab LH C+25, H+112, ATR
4.00HH Exemplary 36
4.30HH Sun Quest 100, Bahati Bay 100, Gray Wolf River 70, Moveable Asset 42 and Cailin 28

Looks good today. Enjoy!

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