Ray Thompson

Isis Blue obliged yesterday matching my 80 ask but peaked at 340. Lots of NRs brought the number of actual bets down to 31 giving us a nett profit on the day of +45 points after commission.

Ayr’s abandoned early but we’ve still got a nice mix of flat turf, jumps and AW, all on ATRtv

FT Fairyhouse RH M+30, H+61
2.15M Amaretto Stone 150, Idyllic Acrilic 150, Nelly Sarsfield 150, Jack Baur 150 (Res: Texas To Tennessee 150)
3.55H Onchu 100 and Pillmakers Hill 42
4.30M Michael James 150, Mr Bernard 150, Louth Lion 100, Stadius 100, Cristal Art 70 and Siempre Amigos 70 (Res: Buddha’s Secret 150 and Marino Marvel 100)
5.35H Elishpour 32, Here For The Craic 25C and End Play 25C

NH Sedgefield LH C+13, H-16
3.40HC Hope For Glory 32
4.15HH Rossington 150, Battledancer 100, Tawan 100 and Inch Rover 42
4.50F Pot De Fleur and Miss Lizzy Lamb 80

NH Southwell LH C-15, H-5
2.20HC Finch Flyer 200, Next Exit 150 and Henry Oliver 42
5.10HH L’Es Fremantle 200, Surfing The Stars 150, Benidorm 150, Midnight Memories 80 and Bitter Virtue 25C

AW Wolves LH M+274, H+1,181
5.40M French Silver 300+, Quinteo 200+ and Spello 150 (Res: Tis Wonderful 70 and See You After 42)
6.10H Arize 70, Prisom 42 and Doeadeer 32
6.40H Gabby’s Lad 150, Whispering Wolf 36, Rock Warbler 32 and Bushwise 25C
7.10H Fossa 100, Dark Phantom 42, Top Cop 32 and Eland Ally 32 (Res: Secret Interlude 25C)
9.10H Ormering 100, Embroidery 38, Stamp Duty 32 and Roccor 25C


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