Day 21 Results
23 Races
43 Selections
5 Winners (18.00, 90.00, 21.00, 20.10, 12.50) +111.12 at BFSP after 5% comm.

Running total: 55/413 races, 55/1018 selections. Profit/Loss + 221.17 at BFSP

From the last day of the month five nice winners, a few second placers including a 40/1 sole selection (paid 20.00 the place!) and the icing on the cake, although I don’t do them was a pair of exactas of £376 and £911. The crucial bottom line of validated profit at BFSP is a ROI of 21.73% from 1018 selections in just 21 days. It’s fair to say that value is being achieved from these selections. A winning race strike rate of 13.32% and a selection SR of 5.40% is testimony to this based on the average winning BFSP of 23.53 net of commission. With just an average of 2.46 selections per race I hope people realise that this is a highly selective and thoughtful process. The simplicity of providing selections that everyone understands, with BFSP prices that everyone can obtain and without the uncertainty of relying on high price matches or having a crystal ball to look into the future and know if NRs deem a race a non bet or if a NR means a reserve comes into play was my intention. In short simplicity and above all clear transparency without any confusion. I’ll continue with a new month today and then review at the end of October.

Saturday Day 22

2.05: Pursecco, Hatch Hall, Magna Carta, Taggs Island
3.10: Kilkishen, Gusty Rocky

1.50: Amber Flush, Spanish Fork, Aaly, Fountains Cider, Graphical
4.40: Tribal Dance
5.15: Gentleman Farmer, Faheem

2.10: Lively Lily, Sweet Sally
5.00: Off Art, El Beau, Freewheel

1.45: Abouttimeyoutoldme, Jive Factor, Winkle Brown
2.15: Calypso Choir, Emerald Loch
2.50: Starlit Cantata, But Dandy, Miss Van Gogh
3.25: Persun, Desertoflife
4.00: Irish Rookie, Siyoushake, Always Smile, Arabian Queen

2.30: Goodwood Zodiac, Star Storm
3.05: Mobsta, Windfast
3.40: Dream Dubai, Buckstay, Donncha
4.15: Polybius, Easy Road
4.50: Celebration, Bashiba, Union Rose

6.40: Aqueroo, Sir Dudley, Ustinov, Flowers on Venus
7.10: Clenymistra, Kings Coinage, Dynamight
8.10: Pinwood, Moojaned, Gambol

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