Ray Thompson

And with a massive -96 points down yesterday we wave farewell to September for another year with the monthly (Sept) P/L at +196.55 nett. At the end of Year One the Annual figure is +11,271.05. Coverted to fivers that’s a fantastic +£56,355.25. Worst month of the year was January with +190.75 points, best was May with +1,752.95 points.

Some ‘X’ races today, but some really nice positives too:

FT Asc RH M-27X H-12, C4/RUK
3.40H Coprah 200, Cornwallville 100, Dream Dubai 100, Watchable 60 and Burnt Sugar 32
4.50H Major Pusey 70, Field Of Vision 60, A Momentofmadness 36, Celebration 32 and Another Wise Kid 32

FT Nmk RH M-67X, H+264, C4/RUK
1.45MX Zoffanist 80 and Abouttimeyoutoldme 25C
2.15H Calypso Fire 44, Minminwin 42 and Ginzan 32 (Res: Racing Angel 25C)
2.50H Starlit Cantata 70, Bint Dandy 70 and Miss Van Gogh 36
3.25H Zaakir 42, Shafafya 42, Dessertoflife 25C and Persun 25C
5.10H Groovejet 42

FT Red LH M+728, H-40X, RUK
4.25H Holy Grail 42, Ingleby Angel 42, Quick N Quirky 36, Atharoos 32 and Abushamah 25C
5.00H Daleelek 32 and Dubai Dynamo 28
5.35H Bahango 42 and Hit The Lights 42
6.05H Gownless 42 and Searanger 36

NH Fon LH C-34, H+523, ATR
1.50HH Romany Vivant 70, Amber Flush 42, Spanish Fork 36, Titch Strider 32 and Uranox 28
5.15F Homers Odyssey 150, Gentleman Farmer 70 and Quarry Wizard 25C

NH Gow RH C+7, H+38, ATR
2.05HH Cillian’s Well 70, Chase The Challis 70, Wrekin Rock 70, Iamtoldiamgrand 60 and Hatch Hall 42
2.35MH Vivid Red 200, That’s My Robin 200, L’Enfant Lu 200, Redrobin 150, High Nellie 100 and Bilbo Bagins 100
3.10HH Archie Meade 70, Akito 42, Kilkishen 42, Supreme Vinnie 32, Memories Of Milan 32 and Whizzy Rascal 32
4.55HC Courtncatcher 25C, Scamall Dubh 25C and Raz De Marie 25C

AW Wol M+269, H+1,238, ATR
5.40M Race Time 100, Caledonia Duchess 42 and Polish Empress 32
6.40H Secret Missile 60, Johnny Cavagin 42, Sir Dudley 32 and Aguerooo 32
7.10H Hollow Crown 32, Silver Chimes 25 and Clenymistra 25C
8.10H Moojaned 32 and Pinwood 30
8.40H Bassett Bleu 60 and Icons Image 32
9.10H Sakhastic 70, Blue Jay 36, Thatsthewaytodoit 32 and Olympus Mons 25C

Later today: The Shape Of Things To Come! Meanwhile, have an outstanding October guys!

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