Ray Thompson

Things to come? I’m planning to separate the current disciplines into their individual parts so that we can identify the best/worst segments of each. For instance, Handicap Hurdles and Handicap Chases would also indicate specific age-dependent races (2&3 y.o.s particularly). A similar break down for Flat racing and even possibly all-weather, although they seem more profitable than the rest so far. This is particularly to cut down on losing areas we may not have identified yet. Give me your thoughts on this, although it won’t be immediate as I’m still bringing the records up to scratch for the ongoing “monthly 5-year stats” feature, which is taking much longer than I envisioned.

Also, be forewarned that, like last October, I’ll be taking my annual Autumn break next week to fabulous Fowey for a Deadheads blowout. I’ll take my i-book thingy to keep in touch, so parting for three days will not be such a sweet sorrow. Leaving Wednesday a.m., be back Saturday early p.m.

Results today look dreadful again but yet to get Wolves in. Tomorrow four jumps venues without an ‘X’ in sight!

Hun RH C+11, H+83, RUK
Kel LH C+47, H+15, RUK
Tip LH C+6, H+64, ATR
Utt LH C+30, H+150, ATR

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