Day 27 Results
19 Races
53 Selections
2 Winners (11.50, 16.00) – 26.48 at BFSP after 5% comm.

Oct: 12/119 races, 12/282 selections -155.89 at BFSP

Running total: 67/532 races, 67/1300 selections. Profit/Loss + 65.28 at BFSP

Another disappointing day, but with this type of betting strategy I would expect significant highs and lows. This useful link provides a great tool for calculating longest losing runs http://greyhorsebot.co.uk/strikerate.asp and with a race SR of 13% bad patches are sadly inevitable. I expect that over time an individual’s relative profitability will be determined not necessarily by BFSP but by how much they are able to beat BFSP on the winning selections. From these figures if you are able to beat BFSP by just 5 points and only manage this 50% of the time then 33 winners x 4.75 additional profit = 156.75 points additional profit over and above BFSP. Fail to beat BFSP and the default BFSP kicks in – the worse case scenario. I take the pragmatic view that there are two key numbers in this type of methodology: the race success SR (needed to determine your bank) and the bottom line BFSP profit and loss. These are the two constants common to everyone. Any other prices requested and matched are a complete variable different to everyone.

1.35: Nuclear Power, baltash, Visionary, Prince of Lir
2.05: Pacos Angel, Asidious Alexander, Mystic Dawn, Miss Infinity
2.40: First Selection, Opal Tiara, Certificate, Tasleet
3.10: Easy Victory
3.45: Manjaam, Cosmeapolitan, Danehill Kodiac
4.20: Dream of Joy, Astronomies Choice
4.50: Pure Art

1.45: Lanjano
3.25: Master Blueyes, Calvanist, Fandango
3.55: Blythe Spirit, Bashiba, Robot Boy
4.30: Crushed, Lord Commander, Mirzam
5.00: Desert Ruler, Twin Appeal

5.40: Sebastians Wish, Voice From Above
7.10: Hulcolt, Freewheel
7.40: Atrafan, Whitby Bay, Peachey Cornichan
8.10: Tael of Gold, Rubiesnpearls, Ronnie The Roofer
8.40: Regal Response, High Honcho, Causey Arch, Inaam
9.10: Fredricka, First Bombardment

6.30: Magnification
8.00: Trenchtown Rock
8.30: Athassel, Barbel, Easy Boy
9.00: Striking Gold

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