Day 28 Results
22 Races
50 Selections
5 Winners (24.00, 9.28, 9.05, 6.60, 10.99) + 6.73 at BFSP after 5% comm.

Oct: 17/141 races, 17/332 selections -149.16 at BFSP

Running total: 72/554 races, 72/1350 selections. Profit/Loss + 72.01 at BFSP

A better day, but the prices weren’t good at BFSP! A couple peaked in play at 150 and at least 25 more points were readily available at higher prices earlier.

Saturday Day 29

1.45: Dynamic Girl, Secret Hint, Futoon
2.20: fastnet Spring, Aimez La Vie, Harmonize, Romantic View
2.55: Law and Order, Pleaseletmewin, Best Solution, Montataire
3.30: Thunder Snow
4.10: Gabriels Star, Wind Place and Sho, Leah Freya, Star Rider
4.45: Arwa
5.20: Light Up Our World

2.50: Annella, Sixtyfiveroses, Celeste De La Mer, All Dolled Up
3.25: Henrys Affair, Western Abbey
3.55: Could Should Would
4.30: Touch and Go, Palace Art
5.05: Palacia, Pretty Love, Bert Leaf, Zerofuro, Serefeli

2.00: Prosecute, Jiminez, Kings Pavalion
3.45: Orvar
4.20: Mulzim, Tai Sing Yeh
4.55: Storming Tom
5.30: Dance King, Marsh Pride

3.50: Borak, Cobra De Mai
4.25: Tea in Transvaal, Lil Rockerfellar, Forever Field
5.00: Tinker Time, Little Jon, Unioniste, Buckthorn Timothy
5.35: Thady Quil, Some Finish, The Greendalerocket

2.30: Ninety Seconds, Fentons Hill
4.15: Just Go, A Twist of Fate, Right Strategy, Graney Town
4.50: Mr Bien, Take a Chance On R, All In The Head, Gold Flinch
5.25: Hatch Hall, Brog Deas Nua, Canny Tom
5.55: Glenberine, Larry Tully

Haven’t yet done Newc tonight and may not bother – we’ll see?

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