Running late, so an update and this evenings sels later:

1.30: Oritha, Magique Touch
2.00: Roundabout Magic, Zebspear, Latest Quest, Compton Lane
2.30: Martyna, Princess Nia
3.00: Piccola Poppy, Spanish Queen, Sovrano Dolce
3.30: Stylistik, Malmostosta, Ambriel
4.00: Princess Kodia, Gambit, King of Spin
4.30: Melabi, Bergholt

1.50: Everlasting Sea, Bataka
2.20: Wind of Heaven, Billersdown Bess, Red Sniper
2.50: Haroka, Morello, White Mischief
3.20: Zebs Lad, Guilded Rock
3.50: Gift From God, Living Leader, Locommotion
4.50: Perpetual Change, Kuanton
5.20: Rideonastar, Champagne Champ, Marmajuke Bay, Argui

2.15: Restive, Verbosity, Secret Wizard, Plough Boy
2.45: Iconic Figure
3.15: Grandee, Sir John Lavery
3.45: Vavaoom, Murmuring
4.15: Vintage Charm, Bridgets Fable, Grand Canyon, Breenainthemycra
4.45: Flannery, Greanta, Camlann

2.10: Tea El Tee, King of Nepal, Verdi
2.40: Blushing Red, Medicean Dream, Solo Mission
3.10: Fierce Impact, Mukallaf, Diara Prince
3.40: Hirjan, Rocket Ronnie, Pendo
4.10: Hope Against Hope, Princess Way, Texas Katie
4.40: Fantasy Gladiator, Mediciman
5.10: Russian Rascal, Little Lotte, Nutzma
5.40: Toplove, Broughtons Mystery

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