Ray Thompson

Interesting views there kevil, I certainly got 25s on Appointment Only and Milan Of Crystal but still had a nett loss of 41.5 points on the day. Appointment was returned at 55 BfSP but peaked at 960 at some point. As I had an important event to attend I was unable to constantly monitor the market fluctuations or I might have made some profit yesterday. However, this is a long term method with proven results over the last year so the losing days are expected and accepted, unlike…

The local forecast said the clouds would blow over by 11a.m. here, so Ali dutifully took the dog down to the beach to catch the low tide. Then the sky opened and a veritable torrent of biblical proportion noisily descended followed by lightning and angry rolling thunder. I just called her to check on their status and it turns out they were back but still sitting in the car with the downpour drumming on the roof. I hope Matt and Chris are fairing better at Ascot!

FT Asc RH M-27X, H-22X, C4
4.25HX Emell 100, Highland Colori 80, Master The World 70 and Tullius 60

FT Cat LH M+28, H+85, RUK
1.45M Kallisto Freedom 200+, Arnold 32, Slave To Freedom 25C
3.30H Ladweb 70, Desert Law 42, First Bombardment 34, I’ll Be Good 32 (Pipers Note 25C)
4.05H Framley Garth 70, Southern Strife 42, Busy Street 25C
4.40H Dodgy Bob 80, English Hero 70, Ninetta 32 and Jay Kay 25C
5.15H Voice From Above 32, Adrakhan 25C

FT Cor RH M+28, H+202, ATR
1.40M Kingwilliamstown 200+, Sonic Boom 200, Alfredo Arcano 70, Richard Strauss 70 and John Honeyman 42
2.15H Ormskirk 32
3.25H2 Cleona 32
4.00H World Of Good 36
4.35H The Dack’s Man 100, Randall’s Alannah 70, Ringo Kid 70, Mistress Marinrio 70, Future Earner 70, All Dolled Up 70
5.10H Howaya Hurricane 100, Don’t Quit 70, Mosman 70, Coilogshakeysirgin 70, Erelight 42
5.40M Lord Of Art 200, The Golden Punto 200, Louth Lion 150, Ladys Choice 150, Sleepy Head 80, Zircon 70

NH Ffo LH HC-13, HH-51X, ATR
1.50HHX Panis Angelicus 70, Daliance 70, Della Sun 50, Filbert 42 (Get Home Now 25C)
4.45HC Limpopo Tom 25C
5.20F Oologist 80, Master Sergei 42, Celtic Symphony 42 (Aaryam 25C and Welsh Vic 200)

NH Mar RH HC+90, HH+19, RUK
1.35MH Rossington 200+
4.30F The Phantom 50
5.05F Kristal Star 150, Cyrano Star 70, Overtoujay 25C

NH Str LH HC+68, HH+128, ATR
4.20HC Porters Lane 150
4.55MH Dalton Glance 150, Quarry Wizard 150, Twycross Warrior 100
5.30HH Red Whisper 150, In The Crowd 36, Louis Ludwig 32

AW Wol LH M+266, H+1,214, ATR
5.45M Tally’s Song 150, Captain Devious 150, Matilda Gleam 42
6.15H Penny Dreadful 25C, Rose Eclair 25C
6.45H Addicted To Luck 42
7.15H Hardstone 25C
8.15M Kastela Stari 70, Flying Power 42, Zarawi 36, Powderonthebonnet 32
8.45H Coillte Mach 42, Air Of Glory 42, Shamlan 32, Drago 32
9.15H Glittering 70, Rainford Glory 42, Rafaaf 32, Whitchurch 28 (Saltarello 28)

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