Day 37 Results
14 Races
35 Selections
2 Winners (17.87, 21.00) + 2.28 at BFSP after 5% comm.

Oct: 46/362 races, 46/895 selections -196.74 at BFSP

Running total: 101/775 races, 101/1913 selections. Profit/Loss + 24.43 at BFSP

Cheers guys. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again, but the real skill is beating BFSP without that crystal ball.It could be argued that if the Betfair market is a true indicator of a horse’s relative chance that a fancied horse will invariably decrease in price, so just taking an early position at any available price will accomplish the objective of gaining a few points above BFSP? Having the hard data to understand that one only has to beat BFSP by a few points is potentially generate a decent ROI may be more comfortable and achievable than battling to try to hit a far higher matched price to compensate for a lower overall SR. Anyway onto today’s hopefuls:

2.30: Cashanova, Seven Clans
3.00: Sitting Back
3.30: Rest Easy, Ron Waverley, Little Buxted, Austin Friars
4.30: Extreme Impact
5.00: Remember Forever, Mr Medic, Empty The Tank
5.30: Bondi Mist, Shalianzi, Rolling Dough

2.10: Ladofish, Actualisation
2.40: Sussex Girl, Sheepscar Lad
3.10: Giantstepsahead, Hanseatic, El Beau
4.10: Poetic Queen, Mackiri
5.10: Invictus
5.40: Eleuthera, Rainbow Orse, Ballesteros

2.35: Flathertys Gap, Donegal Tuesday, Old Meadow, Hold Your Nerve, It’s All Happening, Sorrow
3.05: Camillas Wish, Templederry, Shrewd Operator
4.05: Whiskey In The Jar, Broder

1.50: Vicky Park, Dangerous Ends
3.20: Clever Bob, Bond Trader, Uncle Dermot
3.50: Moojaned, Bazooka
4.20: Silver Ghost, Ritasun
4.50: Evening Starlight, Fine n Dandy, Mossgo
5.20: Sund City, Bobs Boy

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