Day 38 Results
14 Races
45 Selections
2 Winners (19.09, 5.33) -26.45 at BFSP after 5% comm.

Oct: 48/376 races, 48/940 selections -223.19 at BFSP

Running total: 103/789 races, 103/1958 selections. Profit/Loss -2.02 at BFSP

Well this is like having toothache!!

1.50: Denver Spirit
2.20: Mia Cara, Who Told Jo Jo, Savannah Slew
2.50: Fortia, Hertford Dancer, Lagertha, Coconut Creme
3.20: Refuse Collette, Caledonian Gold, Two No Bids, Trust The Boy
3.50: Merdon Castle, Hope Cove, Quick Look, Vimy Ridge
4.20: Robbian, Fearless Poppy
4.50: Vocalise, Touch The Clouds, State of The Union, Tilsworth Micky
5.20: Safira Menina, Bracken Brae, Cornelious

2.00: Sonnambulist, Dirty Randy
2.30: Shackles, American Craftsman, Balance Sheet
3.30: Personal Touch, Master Bond, Davids Duchess
4.00: Thermal Column, Maulsden May
4.30: Misumac, Richter Scale, Sarabi
5.30: Sebastians Wish, Zingibar

3.05: Dynamic Focus, Celeste De La Mer, Ringo Kid
4.05: Scobias, Onchu, Consonance
5.05: King Christophe, Auld Brig, Athenry Boy, Sackfullofdreams

2.10: Colley Row
3.10: Easy Street
3.40: Relentless
4.40: Thechampagnesonice

5.40:Take The Waltz, Miss Reigner, Silver Chimes
6.40: Purple Raven, Alcanar, Hermarna
7.10: Frankie, Mendacious Harpy, Candesta
7.40: Play the Blues, West Leake, Bennelong, Lutine Charlie
8.10: Cayuga, Bluegrass Blues, Francos Secret, Best Example
8.40: Roy Rocket, Perfect Rhythm, Longside
9.10: Rigolletto, For Ayman, Kinglami

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