Some winners today prior to Kempton, however cautioned advised as 3 would qualify as winners instead of the 4 so far

I wasn’t around to monitor activity graph for Parish Business, but Bold Image as a 25C would drop off most people’s bets as 25 never met. Best was £4 at 19.07 and £16 at 18.2,

Don’t Tell Val was unmatched at 60 as it seems price was much lower early in the day. It did drift out in the afternoon and apprx £700 was traded at 46 and 48 before contracting to off price 24.48. So no shortage of liquidity at those prices under the official ask

Hey Bill, well… £0 (ie pennies) at 115.58 £7 at 110.76 and £16 at £100 being best matches… before 2 NR from 3.81pm on meant stonking 60% rule 4. Frustrating for anyone who got matched at 100!! Such is life

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