Cheers Future. To be fair it’s been a learning curve and luckily whilst I’ve been backing these myself, the early generated profits mean I’m not out of pocket. I’ve managed to exceed BFSP on the winners which is what value backing all boils down to – regardless of the prices you back at. However as with any low SR selection process the highs and lows can be very dramatic made more so by virtue of the relative high number of daily selections. With a betfair minimum of £2 it takes a great leap of faith to invest a £2 stake on 50 or so selections a day and I’ve tried to limit these numbers as much as I can. Bottom line is no one really cares what price I got matched at, but what price their own hard earned managed or can manage and that’s why I used BFSP together with a running SR as the benchmark. It’s only fair that people understand and see the worse case scenario at all times and not just the best case.

Take any concept/idea and over time you identify the good and bad points and the positives and negatives. A low SR together with high number of daily selections isn’t the perfect combination for many people. However the numbers (if recorded) never lie and anyone will make long term profits simply by backing every outsider as long as they manage to achieve a greater matched price by just 5 points over BFSP, but you’ll need a betting bank that reflects that SR and total number of selections being backed together with the understanding and patience that long losing runs will be common. Currently investigating a few angles that I hope will focus on the positives learned, but erase the negative attributes, which may turn out to be far more popular and manageable for many people. Not going to post any selections today as this thread has IMO served its purpose and time to focus on what has been learned and re-evaluate.

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