Ray Thompson

Hi, guys. As sondrio2 points out, making a profit is the point here, but feel free to use the system as you wish. I’m sure you’ve read the methodology and know how to use it. Go for it but playing at ISP or BSP alone negates the whole idea of making bigger returns. I’ve also pointed out previously that my posted selections and profits are there as a guide to what is achievable with this system. By the time I’ve made my selections and bets then posted them all up here a good couple of hours have usually passed and the various SPs have usually changed one way or the other anyway.

Yesterday saw a profit (for me!) of 53 points, but with so many withdrawals and Rule 4s it was probably very different – higher or lower – for everyone else. Burton Boru for example was matched at 50 early on, well before the non-runners whittled the field down to seven and the R4’s kicked in, and while it peaked at around 140, you’d need to have been a very smart cookie to have snatched any of that.

Anyhoo …Very small fields generally today and zero for us at the Meerkat Racing track, one at Muss, two at Nby and four races at Thurles. Tonight’s AW has about 10 runners at Cfd for us over three races:

NH Mus HH-29X, RUK
1.50HHX Merchant Of Dubai 80 and Tap Nights 32

NH Nby HC+73, HH-3, RUK
1.30HH Gallic Destiny 100
4.15F Choochoobugaloo 200

NH Thu HH-17, MH+13, F+8, ATR
1.55MH Slievenamon 80, Rakaia Rosa 70, Athloman Cottage 70 and Barrow Valley 25C
2.25HH Love On Top 80, Fu’s Island 70 and Siberian Vixen 32
3.35HH Millen Dollar Man 60, Billybuster 42, Back Along42, Hunters Of Acres 42 and River Patrole 42
4.10F Ocean Explorer 70, Chosen Hour 70 and Perfect Leader 42

AW Cfd M+74, H+356, ATR
4.40M Banta Bay 150, Not Now Mum 70 and Sattar 42
5.15N Newz Watch 100, I Don’t Believe It 70 and Dangerous Ends 32
7.30H Yourartisonfire 150, Captain Revelation 50, Fleckerl 32 and Russian Radiance 25C (Res: Pearl Spectre 25C)

Play nice and have fun! 🙂

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