Thanks Future. One of my major historic betting failings (and I’m sure I’m not alone) is to get so embroiled on the daily results that we forget that ultimately profits are measured over time. I suspect that this concept will require a good 2-3 months of results to gauge its validity/profitability due to the lower number of selections. With selections generally over 16/1 the strike rate will be low, but it only takes a few winners at good prices to hopefully generate decent long term profits and a decent ROI at BFSP. I’m hoping that the 4%+ historic SR repeats itself and so that will ultimately be my key measurement. Backing every potential 16/1+ horse and you’ll automatically hit a 1.8 – 2% SR without any skill required, but frankly throwing a betting blanket over every likely contender and then asking for high prices is too much of a lottery for me. With today’s 43 races we can historically expect that 4/5 of them will be won by horses priced above 16/1. I’ll be happy with just one and if it takes just 20/25 selective selections to find each winner bearing in mind we all know that BFSP on these can normally be easily beaten then I’ll be content.

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