Ray Thompson

In the words of Nina Simone, “It’s a new day and I’m feeling good!”

Back on track with +46.4 points nett yesterday bringing us up to one third of the way through the month with 123.4 points ahead.

NH Lud HC+19, HH+65, RUK
1.35MH Outrageous Romana 200, Dunraven Blue 150 and Mileva Roller 80
2.05HC Adarenna 32 and Osgood 25C
3.35HH Leyland 150, Biretta 150, Presenting Berkley 70 and Midnight Target 42 (Res: Grove Field 32)

NH Tow HC+44, HH+74, ATR
12.45HH Just Skittles 150 and Erecomesthedream 42
3.45F Dirty Dexter 200, Whispering Nick 100, Midnight Jitterbug 42 and Otter Moon 32

AW Sth M+124, H+381, ATR
12.25H General Tufto 150, Albert Boy 50 and Or So 50
12.55H Cahala Dancer 42
1.25M Dragonite 80, Red Guano 70 and Chough 70
1.55H Krystallite 80, Elusivity 42, Van Gerwen 42, Escalating 36 and Oriental Relation 25C
2.25N Pavella 200, Amathyst 70 and Pulsating 25C
3.25H Monzino 200, Duc De Seville 200+, Captain Swift 25C and Premier Currency 25C
3.55H Captain Kendall 70, Quina Brook 42 and Mr Chuckles 25C

This evening at Cfd after brunch…

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