Chris Worrall

The fear, of course, is the usual forum curse on publishing selections!

But here goes…

15:15:00 Cheltenham Debece
15:15:00 Cheltenham Lou Vert (FR)
15:15:00 Cheltenham Mac Gregory
15:15:00 Cheltenham Wildmoor Boy WON AT 22.00
15:50:00 Cheltenham Top Wood (FR)
15:50:00 Cheltenham What A Moment (IRE)
11:45:00 Lingfield Sparkle
12:45:00 Lingfield Gnaad (IRE)
14:30:00 Lingfield Dream Of Summer (IRE)
15:05:00 Lingfield Statuesque
15:40:00 Lingfield Bamako Du Chatelet (FR)
13:40:00 Newcastle See The Legend
13:40:00 Newcastle St Gregory (IRE) WON AT 5.60
13:40:00 Newcastle Zakety Zak
14:15:00 Newcastle Book At Bedtime WON AT 3.72
15:25:00 Newcastle Clovelly
16:15:00 Wolverhampton Never A Word (USA)
16:45:00 Wolverhampton First Nation WON AT 6.20
16:45:00 Wolverhampton Nathan Mayer 2pts
17:15:00 Wolverhampton Beach Break
17:15:00 Wolverhampton Sable Island (IRE) 2pts
17:15:00 Wolverhampton Screaming Gemini (IRE)
18:50:00 Wolverhampton Drago (IRE) WON AT 6.24
18:50:00 Wolverhampton Sands Chorus
19:20:00 Wolverhampton Commanche
19:20:00 Wolverhampton Secret Bird (IRE)
19:50:00 Wolverhampton Palmina

27 in total, 2 qualified twice, hence the 2pts stake.
I don’t expect many of you will back them, but if you did, keep the staking low until you’re happy with it!

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