Ray Thompson

Okay, so the pessimists were right about Chl yesterday. And Fontwell. Oh yes, and Navan. -45 bets with no return.

NH Mus HC-26X, HH-29X, RUK
12.50HCX King’s Chorister 70, Merchant Of Dubai 70 and Strait Run 42
3.20HCX Dutch Canyon 25C, Shine A Diamond 25C and Amuse Me 25C
3.50HHX Outlaw Josie Wales 42 and Destiny Awaits 25C

NH Plu HC-11, HH+38, ATR
3.10HC Venetian Lad 42, Days Ahead 32 and Itoldyou 25C
3.40F Mickeysmatedusty 150 and Count Meribel 25C

AW Ncs M-1, H+412, ATR
2.00HN Shadow Of Hercules 110
3.00HN Wigan Warrior 32, Textured 28, Morning Suit 25 and Miss Sheridan 25C
3.30H War Department 32, Mount Ras 25C and Boots And Spurs 25C
4.00H Jacquotte Delahaye 100, Lil Sophela 42 and Kalk Bay 32
4.30H Storm Trooper 70, English Hero 50, Sir Domino 36 and Meandmyshadow 32
5.30H Misu Mac70, Nefetari 70, Tribesman 25 and Ruby’s Day 25C

Have fun! Movies this arter’ to see Arrival 🙂

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