Yup nice winner yesterday and an excellent second start for this Chris. Your first stage of posting and the losses accumulated clearly identifies the insurance of having a betting bank that reflects the historic strike rate and crucially errs on the side of caution to take account of a bad losing patch and not necessarily the expected long losing run. Early on you suggested a minimum betting bank of 50 which correctly reflects an anticipated longest losing run of 46 bets over a 5000 bet sequence. Personally I’ve always believed that a betting bank also needs to address the psychological impact of a poor losing run as witnessed early during your postings. So if a losing run of 46 is statistically possible a bank at least double this or ideally a few points more is probably warranted. The same principle applies I believe to any betting bank. Work out the potential longest losing run (based on the Strike rate) and double or triple it to account for the inevitable bad losing patch. The larger bank may never ever be needed, but it takes the psychological pressure off the inevitable bad losing runs that are sadly part and parcel of any betting. Good luck with today’s selections.

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