Cheers Future. As Gary Player the golfer once highlighted “the harder you practice, the luckier you get” and I’ve had years of practice! If Nobuttaboy had prevailed earlier at 28’s (£1000 matched under 2.00) I would be even luckier. In truth the “sinister” threads have been a mental distraction. The harsh reality is you either back all outsiders and attempt to gain a higher betfair matched price as Ray does or you try and be more selective in the knowledge that you simply can’t get away from a 4-5% SR and very very long losing runs. The reality is that no one is really happy with long losing runs – I’m certainly in that camp, so I put my lucky thinking cap on and this is the result. A good number of selections with a mixture of prices, with an expected decent SR that minimises those blank days. You’re right in that I have no way of checking historical results, which also means that it could be a fairly unique selection process as the historical stats simply aren’t available. Far far too early to go overboard or too excited but I’m quietly confident that the selection process is sound, but time will tell.

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