thanks again maverick for showing all the records so far for us all , this thread is by far the best giving a clear picture with honesty .
the only thing i found when i had numerous bookmakers accounts before was that getting on at a price on bog was very difficult , lots of times the price had gone or they wouldn’t allow you to have much on , say for instance this system kept on winning and you upped your stakes continually they would stop your account eventually , i just got fed up with them all and just bet on betfair now , so bfsp or taking an early price that’s better than early morning bookies price would be my option but non-runners would leave a duduction of course .
another few days and the 300 selections would have been reached that you mentioned a few days ago but i’ll sit it out for a good while yet and then see , ever so pleased that you are winning anyway as you deserve to for all the hard work and effort you are putting in .

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